Saturday, October 25, 2008

Home is Where Your Stuff Is...

A few people have made the comment that they would like to see some more personal stuff on my blog. I'm not really big on the whole posting pictures of myself in my clothes...unless I'm just feeling really confident that day...or have on a spiffy outfit (which isn't often, because all I do lately is study...). I enjoy it when you lovely fashion bloggers post pictures of your amazing clothes, but it is also fun to see your rooms, your favorite objects, your decorating efforts, etc. I took a picture of my huge piles of library books (because I thought it was funny and ridiculous and wanted the evidence for posterity), and then I just started snapping pics of other stuff around my humble abode. I thought it was fitting, since in my previous post I talked about how much I like home decor. So, here is the infamous book pile...and some not very professional photos of my little, setimental items (some passed down, some gifts)...and some more books thrown in for good measure. Can you tell I'm an English major? I would love for other bloggers to take some photos of their spaces -- what are some favorite little spots in your house? Do you group your beloved items together, or spread them around different areas of the house? Are you a collector, or do you like simplicity? Please share!

Etsy Week, Day 4: Home Decor

Well, I wish I had the time to do 7 full days of Etsy goodies, but until I'm no longer entrenched in my studies, 4 days will have to do! I love to spend hours looking through the pages and pages of seller's items and imagining that I have endless funds to buy all of the stuff I lust after. But for now, lusting will have to suffice. I hope you've enjoyed the products I've found so far -- I feel like I've become an Etsy-search-expert.

**Let me know if there is a specific type of Etsy item you would like to see featured in the future -- I take requests (not everyone likes to waste hours away doing this as much as I do!).

Some people call them knick-knacks, some call them tchochkes, I call them an addiction. I love cool little useless things, like bowls, pottery, sculptures, candle holders, figurines...the list goes on. I am almost as obsessed with decorating as I am with fashion, so for my last Etsy day I wanted to share some home decor items currently on my radar. I have cut back on my knick-knack purchases since moving from a house to a smaller apartment, but I still can't resist that perfect little something when I see it. Here are a few irresistible items that I'm sure I could find a place for...somewhere...

I love organic shapes --Heather knight's Element Clay Studio specializes in ceramic sculptures in natural shapes that seem fragile and rare...

Large chartreuse Sea Urchin Bowl, $80.

Micro Sculpture Pollen, $50.

I've got to respect anyone who gives my home state of Oklahoma some much-needed love; Haunted Housewares, a Texas-based crafter, creates cozy plaid pillows in the shape of your favorite state (if they don't have your state featured, they take special requests).

Oklahoma plaid pillow, $34.

Texas plaid pillow, $34.

I've recently become obsessed with pit-fired clay and horsehair pottery, it feels so rugged and ancient. Drexel Earthforms is known for their primitive firing techniques and unique forms.

Medium-large pitfire centerpiece bowl, $95

Tinted Horsehair Urn, $190.

I love the idea of a terrarium -- a tiny little world inside a glass jar. Not to mention, you rarely have to water them (a plus for a black thumb like me). Made by Mavis creates moss terrariums and even sells little gnome homes to decorate your little green world.

Mini Moss Terrariums, $45.

Large Moss Terrarium, $33.

Colorful, glazed pottery is a weakness of mine, particularly something with a vintage feel. Whitney Smith's pottery has 1920's vibe that I love, and the colors are perfection!

Creamer and Sugar set, $88.

Moss Pomegranate Pottery, $64.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Etsy Week, Day 3: Cold Weather Wearables

I HATE cold weather. Hate it. The only thing good about it, in my opinion, is being inside, curled up with my dog, my significant other, and a glass of wine (or cocoa with liquor in it...hehe...). I have no shame when it comes to bundling myself up like the stay-puff marshmallow just to feel comfortable when I'm out in the elements. I already have plenty of coats, so I try to find winter accessories that have a semblance of personality...Etsy definitely has some great options that fill my heart, and hopefully my head and neck, with warmth.

You may already know her...and love her...but I just can't say enough about the wonderfully eccentric and talented Yokoo. Her super-chunky scarves and hats have been all over the blog world lately, and for good reason. Oh, and her hair cut and glasses are pretty rad too.

Citron Warmer, $70.

The Circumpolar Hat, $55.

Radcliffe Toasties, $35.

Ellita's Flying Snail creates glamorous, gypsy-like knits that feel like a surreal combo of fortuneteller meets evil European countess.

Pixiebell Elfinwear specializes in unique hand knit pixie hats and headwear. They use a variety of wool blend and natural eco-friendly fibers, including soy silk, organic cotton, alpaca, and even recycled yarn. So cozy...

Chunky Cabled Cloche, $36.

Earthly Fae Hood in Cranberry, $52.

Chunky Urchin Tam in Sage, $49.

These are definitely cuter than your grandma's house shoes! Crocheted lace-up socks by Ilusoria add a bit of quirky sex appeal to cold weather wear.

Striped blue lace-up knee socks, $54.

Denmark lace-up ankle socks, $30.

Felted specializes in soft, knitted items such as cowls, fingerless gloves, and one-of-a-kind items like felted wool bowls and rings.

Merlot colored cowl and winter rose broach, $68.

Fingerless gloves with scalloped edges, $26.


Ok, I have finally taken the time to sign up with Bloglovin' I now officially the last?? Like the link says: Follow my blog with bloglovin´ ...
Why? It just makes sense according to the wisdom of the After School Special: Because everyone's doin it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blog Award!?!? Premio Dardos...

I am feeling so honored today! The lovely Gracinha from Stylish Bug has given me my first blog award! Thank you so very much for thinking of me! Beijos Gracinha e muito brigada!!
This award is being passed around amongst some great Spanish and Portuguese-language blogs, and I feel honored to receive it. I will try to translate, with my very rusty Portuguese, the award details, and then I will pass it on to 15 other people...

This award is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing...that's the general idea. Here it is, more eloquently, in Portuguese:

O conceito deste prémio passa por reconhecer valores culturais, éticos, literários e pessoais, transmitidos de forma criativa e original nos pedacinhos rabiscados por cada blogueiro que o receba.

The rules of this award are as follows: show the image of the award on your blog, link back to the blog that gave the award, and nominate 15 other blogs that you consider deserving the same.

It is hard to pick, but here are my nominations (some fashion-related, some not):
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Etsy Week, Day 2: Lingerie

Where do you like to buy your bras, panties, and other unmentionables?
It's Day 2 of Etsy Week, and today I've scoped out some gorgeous lingerie offerings by several talented Etsy sellers. I really love lingerie, but find it difficult to score that perfect item that is comfortable, flattering...and not too sleazy (!) Hope you love these as much as I do:

Birds and Bees is based out of Italy and makes original handmade LOUNGERIE that combines the sensuality of LINGERIE with the comfort of LOUNGEWEAR.

Fiore Bianco Silk Jersey Slip Dress by Birds and Bees, $65.

CaffeLatte Top and Knickers Set by Birds and Bees, $65.

Why high-rise panties? It's better than bending over and having a thong hanging out... and with all the high-rise pants and skirts out there, it just makes sense.

Orange and Blue Stripe High-Rise Panty by Twin Syndrome Design Works, $20.

Purple High-Rise Panties by Twin Syndrome Design Works, $20.

It's really hard to find new lingerie that is as cute and classy as vintage, so why not go retro?

Hand-Dyed Jewel Toned Slip by Lola Loves You, $48.

blue Moon Babydoll Set by Lola Loves You, $32.

The lacy, girly bras and panties from this UK lingerie company are all made from found or cast-off materials. Eco friendly and beautiful!

Sapphires and Ribbons Silk Bow Print Knickers by G&P Lingerie, $42.

Pure silk bow briefs by G&P Lingerie, $55.

I want everything from this North Carolina lingerie maker. The items are sexy AND comfortable -- a coveted combination!

Summersweet Bra by On the Inside, $33

Organic Cotton Star Jasmine Camisole by On the Inside, $37.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Etsy Week, Day 1: Doggie Goods

I hope everyone had a great weekend and productive start to the week...

It's Etsy Week here on Nothing Elegant. I will bring you several days worth of themed Etsy goods. My goal is to explore products that shoppers might tend to overlook or forget about (at least I do) when it comes to independent designers and small-business based goods. I often find myself feeling resigned to buying things like pet products, lingerie, or home decor at chain stores that are overpriced and often unimpressive, so I thought it would be fun to see what alternatives Etsy has to offer that can't be found at your local department store. And if you're like me, and trying to get Christmas shopping done early (if I don't, I will spend all my money), then this might also get your gift-giving ideas flowing!

In honor of the new love of my life, Gidget the pug (who I recently rescued from Homeward Bound Pug Rescue), here is a wish-list of unique, adorable pet items from various Etsy sellers that she and I would both like to get our paws on... If you are a dog lover like myself, you might also enjoy this blog that features daily dog art, new and old, from around the world: Dog Art Today.

Handmade Beaded Dog Necklaces by Fifi Me, $18, and $25.

Underwear Dog Toys by Casbah Kitten, $9.

Plum Pet Scarf by Behave Littles, $18.

Retro Modern Pet Bed, 70's Floral by Like Kittysville, $59.

Hand-Knit Dog Neck Warmer by Lucky Dog Knits, $18.

Kimono for Doggie by Kreative Kimono, $33.

Eco Friendly Fleece Bed, $50 and Smart Scarf, $8, by Annie's Sweatshop.

Peony Seersucker custom dog collar by Pecan Pie Puppies, $20.