Saturday, October 25, 2008

Etsy Week, Day 4: Home Decor

Well, I wish I had the time to do 7 full days of Etsy goodies, but until I'm no longer entrenched in my studies, 4 days will have to do! I love to spend hours looking through the pages and pages of seller's items and imagining that I have endless funds to buy all of the stuff I lust after. But for now, lusting will have to suffice. I hope you've enjoyed the products I've found so far -- I feel like I've become an Etsy-search-expert.

**Let me know if there is a specific type of Etsy item you would like to see featured in the future -- I take requests (not everyone likes to waste hours away doing this as much as I do!).

Some people call them knick-knacks, some call them tchochkes, I call them an addiction. I love cool little useless things, like bowls, pottery, sculptures, candle holders, figurines...the list goes on. I am almost as obsessed with decorating as I am with fashion, so for my last Etsy day I wanted to share some home decor items currently on my radar. I have cut back on my knick-knack purchases since moving from a house to a smaller apartment, but I still can't resist that perfect little something when I see it. Here are a few irresistible items that I'm sure I could find a place for...somewhere...

I love organic shapes --Heather knight's Element Clay Studio specializes in ceramic sculptures in natural shapes that seem fragile and rare...

Large chartreuse Sea Urchin Bowl, $80.

Micro Sculpture Pollen, $50.

I've got to respect anyone who gives my home state of Oklahoma some much-needed love; Haunted Housewares, a Texas-based crafter, creates cozy plaid pillows in the shape of your favorite state (if they don't have your state featured, they take special requests).

Oklahoma plaid pillow, $34.

Texas plaid pillow, $34.

I've recently become obsessed with pit-fired clay and horsehair pottery, it feels so rugged and ancient. Drexel Earthforms is known for their primitive firing techniques and unique forms.

Medium-large pitfire centerpiece bowl, $95

Tinted Horsehair Urn, $190.

I love the idea of a terrarium -- a tiny little world inside a glass jar. Not to mention, you rarely have to water them (a plus for a black thumb like me). Made by Mavis creates moss terrariums and even sells little gnome homes to decorate your little green world.

Mini Moss Terrariums, $45.

Large Moss Terrarium, $33.

Colorful, glazed pottery is a weakness of mine, particularly something with a vintage feel. Whitney Smith's pottery has 1920's vibe that I love, and the colors are perfection!

Creamer and Sugar set, $88.

Moss Pomegranate Pottery, $64.


ambika said...

I've had my eye on one of those terrariums for a few weeks. I think it'd look perfect on my desk at work.

Nothing Elegant said...

Ambika -- such a good idea. My desk at work definitely needs some cheering up. These are just so magical!

bonjouritsjinah said...

I loved this Etsy themed week of posts!! Ahh I am so far behind on my blog reading, forgive me.