Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Etsy Week, Day 2: Lingerie

Where do you like to buy your bras, panties, and other unmentionables?
It's Day 2 of Etsy Week, and today I've scoped out some gorgeous lingerie offerings by several talented Etsy sellers. I really love lingerie, but find it difficult to score that perfect item that is comfortable, flattering...and not too sleazy (!) Hope you love these as much as I do:

Birds and Bees is based out of Italy and makes original handmade LOUNGERIE that combines the sensuality of LINGERIE with the comfort of LOUNGEWEAR.

Fiore Bianco Silk Jersey Slip Dress by Birds and Bees, $65.

CaffeLatte Top and Knickers Set by Birds and Bees, $65.

Why high-rise panties? It's better than bending over and having a thong hanging out... and with all the high-rise pants and skirts out there, it just makes sense.

Orange and Blue Stripe High-Rise Panty by Twin Syndrome Design Works, $20.

Purple High-Rise Panties by Twin Syndrome Design Works, $20.

It's really hard to find new lingerie that is as cute and classy as vintage, so why not go retro?

Hand-Dyed Jewel Toned Slip by Lola Loves You, $48.

blue Moon Babydoll Set by Lola Loves You, $32.

The lacy, girly bras and panties from this UK lingerie company are all made from found or cast-off materials. Eco friendly and beautiful!

Sapphires and Ribbons Silk Bow Print Knickers by G&P Lingerie, $42.

Pure silk bow briefs by G&P Lingerie, $55.

I want everything from this North Carolina lingerie maker. The items are sexy AND comfortable -- a coveted combination!

Summersweet Bra by On the Inside, $33

Organic Cotton Star Jasmine Camisole by On the Inside, $37.


Emily said...

that last little white number is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow these pieces are so beautiful - I love the briefs by G&P Lingerie the best! I never thought to look on etsy for lingerie for some reason so thanks for posting these!

Gracinha said...

cute! i got a gift for you on my blog. go there! kiss

Lisa said...

thanks for the sweet comment girl!

hehe those highrise knickers are super cute :)


Gracinha said...

hi. now u just have to copy the image to your blog and 'offer' that to another 15 people. ;)

Nothing Elegant said...

Emily -- the white set is so simple and cute. Somehow these always seem to the sexiest.

Karen -- I know, I just discovered the great lingerie a few weeks ago. Etsy has everything!

Lisa -- I love that you call them knickers, so cute!!