Monday, October 20, 2008

Etsy Week, Day 1: Doggie Goods

I hope everyone had a great weekend and productive start to the week...

It's Etsy Week here on Nothing Elegant. I will bring you several days worth of themed Etsy goods. My goal is to explore products that shoppers might tend to overlook or forget about (at least I do) when it comes to independent designers and small-business based goods. I often find myself feeling resigned to buying things like pet products, lingerie, or home decor at chain stores that are overpriced and often unimpressive, so I thought it would be fun to see what alternatives Etsy has to offer that can't be found at your local department store. And if you're like me, and trying to get Christmas shopping done early (if I don't, I will spend all my money), then this might also get your gift-giving ideas flowing!

In honor of the new love of my life, Gidget the pug (who I recently rescued from Homeward Bound Pug Rescue), here is a wish-list of unique, adorable pet items from various Etsy sellers that she and I would both like to get our paws on... If you are a dog lover like myself, you might also enjoy this blog that features daily dog art, new and old, from around the world: Dog Art Today.

Handmade Beaded Dog Necklaces by Fifi Me, $18, and $25.

Underwear Dog Toys by Casbah Kitten, $9.

Plum Pet Scarf by Behave Littles, $18.

Retro Modern Pet Bed, 70's Floral by Like Kittysville, $59.

Hand-Knit Dog Neck Warmer by Lucky Dog Knits, $18.

Kimono for Doggie by Kreative Kimono, $33.

Eco Friendly Fleece Bed, $50 and Smart Scarf, $8, by Annie's Sweatshop.

Peony Seersucker custom dog collar by Pecan Pie Puppies, $20.


molly said...

awesome, i love the beaded one!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on Gidget!