Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Etsy Week, Day 3: Cold Weather Wearables

I HATE cold weather. Hate it. The only thing good about it, in my opinion, is being inside, curled up with my dog, my significant other, and a glass of wine (or cocoa with liquor in it...hehe...). I have no shame when it comes to bundling myself up like the stay-puff marshmallow just to feel comfortable when I'm out in the elements. I already have plenty of coats, so I try to find winter accessories that have a semblance of personality...Etsy definitely has some great options that fill my heart, and hopefully my head and neck, with warmth.

You may already know her...and love her...but I just can't say enough about the wonderfully eccentric and talented Yokoo. Her super-chunky scarves and hats have been all over the blog world lately, and for good reason. Oh, and her hair cut and glasses are pretty rad too.

Citron Warmer, $70.

The Circumpolar Hat, $55.

Radcliffe Toasties, $35.

Ellita's Flying Snail creates glamorous, gypsy-like knits that feel like a surreal combo of fortuneteller meets evil European countess.

Pixiebell Elfinwear specializes in unique hand knit pixie hats and headwear. They use a variety of wool blend and natural eco-friendly fibers, including soy silk, organic cotton, alpaca, and even recycled yarn. So cozy...

Chunky Cabled Cloche, $36.

Earthly Fae Hood in Cranberry, $52.

Chunky Urchin Tam in Sage, $49.

These are definitely cuter than your grandma's house shoes! Crocheted lace-up socks by Ilusoria add a bit of quirky sex appeal to cold weather wear.

Striped blue lace-up knee socks, $54.

Denmark lace-up ankle socks, $30.

Felted specializes in soft, knitted items such as cowls, fingerless gloves, and one-of-a-kind items like felted wool bowls and rings.

Merlot colored cowl and winter rose broach, $68.

Fingerless gloves with scalloped edges, $26.


Emily said...

all so pretty! the oatmeal-colored cloche is my favorite.

ambika said...

That cabled cloche is too neat!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-what gorgeous knitwear, these ladies sure are talented, lovely indeed!

Nothing Elegant said...

Emily and Ambika -- Yes, the oatmeal cloche is amazing. I love the buttons and I also loooove the fact that it has earflaps (but without looking dorky).

Nothing Elegant said...

Sharon, I agree. I can barely knit a simple scarf, so these amaze me.