Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekend Links.

I'm technically on vacation now, and I've been indulging in holiday laziness and frivolity. I'm sure I should be doing more work toward my dissertation, but instead I've been sleeping in, catching up with friends, and gallivanting around town. Let me gush about two great local outings I had this week {since I don't get out much these days!}: I had an unexpected surprise this week from Shae at the Tulsa Food Blog, who set me up with a luxurious mini-facial at Spa Lux here in Tulsa {they are one of her sponsors}. I really cannot say enough about my experience there -- the facial was so relaxing, my esthetician Morgan was sweet and professional, and my skin was ridiculously soft when she was done. It all made me feel so pampered -- thanks Shae, and thanks everyone at Spa Lux! I also wanted to thank Kristen at Cheap Thrills Vintage for always being so gracious and helping me find just what I'm looking for -- I finally bought a red velvet dress! It's a snug, 60's empire-waist dress with giant, poufy sleeves. Now, someone just needs to have a fancy holiday party...anyone?

Enjoy the links this weekend, m'dears!

::Tom Palombo's Flickr photostream of Paris, circa 1962 has been making the blog rounds, but if you haven't had the chance to see them, you must head over for some soft-focus inspiration.

::The Singular -- a new blog featuring fashion polaroids!

::Check out the Best Interior Design Blogs, according to the UK Times.

::Mossiere -- gorgeous scientific and industrial design photo-blog.

::V Magazine will devote their January issue to plus-size models {in other words, average sized women}. Maybe they hope this will save them from the black-face debacle?

::Have you casted your vote in Vogue's "Best Dressed of the Decade" yet?



Have a great time off friend!!

marie joanne said...

i hope your have a wonderfull holidays :)


ps: I noticed you have Paul Pincus in your blog roll...unfortunately, he had closed his blog, I was so sad!

Mary-Laure said...

Glad to hear you were pampered - isn't it wonderful?

Check out the pics of my sister's wedding in Paris, I just posted them on my blog...