Monday, December 14, 2009

The List: Top 15 Albums of 2009

Everyone is coming out with their "Best Of" lists for 2009, and being a sucker for lists of any kind, I wanted to jump on the bandwagon! So, won't you please allow me to play music critic for a day? I'm very opinionated about music -- not in the "I'm cooler than you, because I listen to X, Y, and Z" way, but in the "I Know What I Like" kind of way. I don't talk about my music-loves on this blog as much as I should...maybe because I feel that music is a very personal thing, and I don't necessarily want to push my tastes on others. But, this seems like as good a time as any to do a little pushing {*wink*}. What were your favorite albums of the year? I would LOVE to know what was on your heavy-rotation! These are my top 15 picks for most-love-worthy albums of the year [in no particular order!]:
  1. Grizzly Bear/Vekatimest :: complex, yet poppy vocals; the phrase "crescendos of happiness" comes to mind.
  2. Bat for Lashes/Two Suns :: melodic and moody, with some gothic/electronic influences; her aesthetic is just amazing.
  3. Florence and the Machine/Lungs :: cheeky, intense song writing, with mythic themes; a killer, powerful voice.
  4. Camera Obscura/My Maudlin Career :: sweet and melancholic, but never sad or sappy; good for curling up in your PJ's.
  5. Depeche Mode/Sounds of the Universe :: a surprisingly strong comeback; an even more intense and eerie take on their old sound.
  6. Dirty Projectors/Bitte Orca :: a quirky, slightly atonal mix of R&B and artsy-indie-ingenuity.
  7. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros/Up from Below :: the most underrated album of the year! Every song is fun, free-wheeling, and catchy as hell; great for driving with the windows down.
  8. Lady Gaga/The Fame Monster :: C' know you love her. Her videos are amazing, her costumes are amazing...her music makes you dance. What more can you ask for?
  9. Fever Ray/Self-titled :: an absolute original; shrill, dark, distorted vocals overlay a mix of pulsing, eerie electronic music...and she makes the BEST videos ever.
  10. Neko Case/Middle Cyclone :: arguably the best alt/country singer alive, and this is arguably her best album so far; filled with poetic song-writing and intensely beautiful melodies.
  11. La Roux/Self-titled :: it takes talent to write songs this catchy; saccharin-sweet, synth-pop.
  12. The xx/xx :: sexy, subtle love songs with an 80's New Wave vibe.
  13. Yeah Yeah Yeahs/It's Blitz :: each song catchier and dancier {is that a word?} than the next.
  14. Glasvegas/Self-Titled :: this is just good, loud, fun rock-n-roll, with a sexy Scottish accent to boot...their single "Geraldine" is one of the best songs of the decade.
  15. Phoenix/Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix :: they're French and cute, which doesn't hurt; but they're also amazing at what they do, which is straight-up pop-rock goodness.

::P.S. Thanks to my Twitter & Facebook friends who made suggestions for this list, as well. I'm listening to some of the albums you mentioned...and maybe there will have to be an addendum to this list if there is anything I love!

::P.S.S. A winner has been drawn for the Perricone Cold Fusion giveaway!! Lucky, lucky you Clarissa, from Brownies and Oreos! What a great holiday gift for yourself ;)


Plinth said...

Love the Bat for Lashes Album- my friend did the sets for the album cover!He's a set designer but also does a pop-up restaurant in his home:

Anonymous said...

This list just makes me want to fly over to the states and steal your CD's. Nice choices!

Jeffrey said...

C'mon! I know technically Vanilla Ninja and Gunther did not come out with anything new this year, but their music totally transcends time, man! They should be numbers 1 and 1a, respectively, on your list.

Brigid said...

I love Neko and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Did you see the latter when they came to Tulsa?

Jill said...

I have 2,3,8,9,11 and 15. I'm off to check out the other ones. Music! What would we do without it!?

kirstyb said...

great top 15! havent paid a huge amount of attention to bat for lashes but im gonna download there album tonight x

{Tara} said...

Plinth--That is just too cool; that is one of the best albun covers of the year, as well.

Hammy -- I don't even own a CD! I download everything...

Jeffrey -- That is like an unspoken thing...they are in the "Music Hall of Fame" list; they are far too big for simply a one-year roundup! *wink*

Brigid -- No, and I completely regret it, of course.

Jill -- Agreed! Driving and household chores just wouldn't have the same appeal ;)

Kirsty -- hope you like it; she just amazes me.

Wicked Halo said...

Like your list, a lot of stuff there I'd feature on my own list...also I could see you digging St. Vincent, another of my faves of the year...

I shall try and listen to Lady Gaga with a little more attention, her outfits pretty much blind me :)