Monday, December 21, 2009

Design Find: Website Book Covers

French graphic designer Retrofuturs imagines the past, present, and future colliding to create an uncanny-yet-familar set of images. I find his play on website "vintage book covers" you see these as a social/political act? What is the message here?
::Find more of his work on Flickr!


Daniel the Mad Scientist said...

In the same vein, you'll probably get a kick out of these (assuming you haven't seen them already):

"I Can Read Movies" -

"25 Imaginative Illustrations Inspired By Film" -

Anonymous said...

very cool. i especially like the facebook one.

Sam said...

Wow! Like a lot!! Hope your having a terrific week!

Leah said...

the facebook one i think is especially telling.
social networking started out a lot more freeform than it is now, things like myspace made customising easy and let you learn a lot about the internet and networking and people in general.
facebook is so uniform in its capacities that it is making everyone on it uniform too.
the message, then?
i like that one a lot.