Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weekend Links

I'm posting this a bit early, because as you read this, I am probably already in Eureka Springs on my little getaway {maybe if you're lucky I will have some ghost photos to share!}. When I return, the rest of my weekend will be spent catching up on the research and writing that I won't get done while I'm away having fun...that's always how it works, isn't it?? I also plan to start back on my exercise regime this weekend. Unfortunately my horrible cold prevented me from doing much over the past two weeks, and I feel terribly lazy now! It all seems much more difficult in the winter months -- do you have any suggestions for winter workouts? I really hate to be outside in the cold!! Well, here's to a snuggly weekend indoors {if you happen to be in the western hemisphere}...and some links to browse:

::Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone showcases the book collections and displays of real people -- submit your own!

::A new book to commemorate the re-opening of Deyrolle...and an update on the renovations of this historical cabinet of wonders in Paris {which suffered from a tragic fire in 2008}.

::If you're an Okie, here are some local projects worth knowing about: get the low-down on Tulsa's stunning array of mid-century modern architecture at Modern Tulsa; check out this local sweets-maker's quest {from Antoinette's Bakery Co.} to make a different Macaron every week at The Velvet Macaron; and get to know local design talent Tony Li of the Tony Li Project.

::Two gorgeous new design blogs worth checking out: Style/Swoon and Indecorous Taste.

::Find the winter hat of your dreams at Artikal.

::I'm obsessed with British chanteuse Florence and the Machine right now -- check out two of her videos here and here!

Have a fantastic weekend, my pretty peaches!!


Lauren said...

Thank you for linking!!

I love your blog too!


Stuart said...

Winter work outs... Barring a gym membership, or home equipment... strech first then try doing weight training (you can use all sorts of stuff like gallon bottles of water or what ever is heavy like books:-) push ups, sit ups, pull ups if you have a bar (I got one that fits in the door way for $20) etc wearing sweats. When you get warmed up then put on a beanie (To keep your lil ears warm) and then go jogging/running/riding. After you get the blood flowing besides my ears I am never bothered by the cold.

Oh, and..


Anonymous said...

Florence and the Machine is great, yes! :)

Poke Salad Annie said...

fantastic links! those hats are magnificent, and i'm all over Florence too. have a wonderful weekend and best of luck with the research!

Madeleine Miranda said...

Lovely links! I'll be taking the time to explore :)

Have a nice week-end!

{Tara} said...

Lauren -- But of course! Your blog is fantastic!

Stuart-- Wow! Great tips! I have been trying to come to terms with the idea of jogging/walking in the cold. I think I might go shopping today for winter-friendly workout clothes.

Ithunter -- Yay! Isn't she great?

Annie -- The hats are gorgeous [albeit pricey].

Madeleine -- You too! Enjoy your weekend!

Rachel said...

thanks for all the links! Have a great rest of your weekend.

{Tara} said...

Rachel -- thanks so much! Hope your weekend has been a good one so far...

The Pocket Stylist said...

love your links Thank you so much.

Check out

OptART said...

I think yoga at home is a great alternative. My friend gave me an Ashtanga video with David Swenson. It is crazy intense but imagine how much better you will get by the end of the cold hard winter!

Also, Artikal hats look amazing on. I would definitely recommend.

Stef said...

Thanks for the links--Book Lovers Never Go To Bed Alone is the new darling of my household. After we all read it, I successfully convinced the housemates that our living room needs floor-to-ceiling aqua bookshelves flanking the mantel. High five!