Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back from Eureka Springs.

::Here are some snapshots of my weekend trip to Eureka Springs. Downtown Eureka Springs has such Victorian charm! Some people find the town a bit creepy...locals believe the town is bustling with paranormal activity. The theory is that because the town is surrounded by limestone {and many of the buildings are also built from limestone} the town acts as a spirit-conductor. Paranormal researchers assert that limestone is a magnet for ghosts...

::This is an old Catholic church on the grounds of our Hotel, The Crescent {which was built around the 1880's}. There was a kitty wandering through the little church graveyard, which I thought was an appropriate motif for our haunted getaway...

::I'm just a sucker for flowers...I can't help taking pictures of them. These were taken on the church grounds.

::Views from the grounds of the Crescent Hotel. The hotel itself is up on a hill. During the early 1800's, the hotel was converted into a girl's school. One of the main ghosts who wanders the halls is supposed to be the spirit of a girl who jumped {or was pushed} from the top floor of the building. Some people say they have heard her falling to her death outside their window!

::More views from the grounds... In the 1930's the hotel was bought by "Dr." Baker -- a quack cancer doctor who practiced horrendous medical experiments on his patients. Hundreds of people are reported to have died inside The Crescent. Bones were even found buried in the basement floor, walls, and on the grounds itself.

::Some eerie decor inside the hotel.

:I love the entrance...the bronze crescent is so striking!

::The locker on the left is located in the basement of the Crescent hotel {which was a morgue during the 30's}. This is the exact location where TAPS and the Ghost Hunters team captured a full-body spirit entity! No such luck for me...On the right is the old staircase -- see the ghostly orb floating on the left?? Is it dust...or a ghost??.

::Eureka Springs is bustling during the fall -- everyone comes for the ghost and cemetary tours!

::The leaves were turning, and it was so serene. On the right is a dilapidated staircase that leads deep down inside Onyx cave, which is located on the outskirts of Eureka Springs. We decided to check out the cave on our way out of town. It was the first self-guided tour of a cave that I have ever was just me, my boyfriend, and a few bats hiding out in there -- creepy but fantastic!

**We had such a lovely time, and I'm feeling very refreshed from the trip {and from the massage and body wrap I treated myself to!}. I hope you all had a refreshing weekend yourselves...


Emily Lou said...

this if fantastic! i love spooky things like this!

Brigid said...

Awesome! If I ever make it back to Eureka, I want to stay in the Crescent or the Grand Central. We did a little, secluded B&B, which was great, but I do love that Victorian charm.

Poke Salad Annie said...

how marvelously mysterious! i love TAPS! my husband makes me watch that show all the time :) great post!

ambika said...

This absolutely looks like my kind of place--all of that gorgeous architecture. So Gothic!

{Tara} said...

Emily -- Me too! My favorite kind of vacation.

Brigid -- I highly recommend the Crescent!

Annie -- Yes, my boyfriend and I are a bit addicted to paranormal shows, too.

Ambika -- Yes, it has this odd Victorian meets Gothic style. Very cool.