Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wish List: Fall Fashion Essentials

Tell me, my smart, stylish readers: what is on your wish-list this season? Here are my 10 must-haves for Fall:

::A grey sheath dress that can transition from work & teaching to a nice dinner {I really want to try the monochromatic look: grey dress, grey tights, and grey pumps!}.

::A cozy sweater coat {the one I've had for years is covered in holes and finally ready to be retired}.

::Black knit skinny pants {a great alternative to leggings this season, and thicker for the winter months}.

::A beaded bib necklace {nothing too pricey, just something fun to play with}.

::A pair of colorful suede pumps {to perk-up my typically neutral work outfits}.

Also on the list:

::Burgundy tights

::Long leather gloves

::Faux Fur Stole

::Cashmere blend pullover sweater

::Tall, brown lace-up boots

As per my list of goals a few weeks ago, I cleaned out my closet and took inventory of the items I have and what I still needed/wanted for Fall. One thing I realized is that often I will put something on my wishlist and end up not buying it, because I make excuses about the high price {for example, the leather jacket I've been wanting for ages}.

The problem is, in the meantime I buy a hundred little things here and there that I don't really need. Then, when the next season rolls around, I realize that the same item that I wanted to begin with is still on my list. Luckily, I received a leather jacket for my birthday a few weeks ago, so that can finally be crossed off!

But, this got me thinking that I should be more conscientious about my lists, and try to pay attention to what I actually really desire, and stop giving in so much to my spur-of-the-moment impulses. Nine times out of ten, the items I want most are those much-lauded "classics" that I can wear for years to come. So, maybe you can help me stick to my list this season!?


Sam said...

I wouldn't mind those long legs the model in the black leggings has!! Other than that, the collar is really dramatic - I like it a lot!

Amanda K said...

Great picks!

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

that sweater coat is da bomb. if there's anything i really covet / desire, that will be it.

is it any consolation for you if i tell you i'm exactly like you in terms of consumerism? even if i invest in an expensive piece, the budget's still a small fraction of the price. and i simply am not the type to watch retail sites or brave crowds for bargains.

ana b. said...

Oh Tara, tell me about those impulse chain store tat buys! *groan* I always read about those capsule wardrobe women who pay top dollar for quality rather than quantity and always look pretty perfect. However - I think my style at the moment couldn't cope with such a wardrobe. I have made peace with the fact that I love my garish, wildly patterned, eclectic chain store buys. Maybe one day I'll switch. As for your fall buys - I bought a fantastic grey dress like the one you described from H&M a couple of months ago and I would absolutely love a beaded bib necklace. Good luck with this list!

Leah said...

black skinny pants? what's the difference between them and leggings?
this whole northern-hemisphere idea of dressing for the season is still really new to me, so i haven't thought about it!

i tagged you in my latest post though. that's something to think about.

lisa butterworth said...

a thick, cozy sweater coat is the only thing that gets me through those blustery fall days!! luckily my fave doesn't have holes yet. i give it one more season.

Milla said...

I agree on the burgundy tights, yes please! Also, a camel hair coat, a sailor coat, a fair isle sweater to replace all the ones I've lost in the move, and a pair of really cute wellingtons...

Happy fall!

{Tara} said...

Sam -- yeah, I'll take those legs, too!

Amanda -- Thank you, m'dear!

Tom tuttle -- It's nice to hear I'm not alone in this...I'm quite impatient, too...when I want it, I want it!

{Tara} said...

Ana -- Those capsule wardrobes seem so French, so practical, so chic...but I'm hard-pressed to be one of those ladies!! LOL.

Leah -- well, they're just thicker and made of a nicer material in this case.

Lisa -- I'm really not ready to let my old one go, but it is to the point of embarrassment. I'll probably still wear it around the house!

Milla -- A camel coat would be amazing, too! And my wellies got destroyed from last year, so I could use another pair!

CompassRose said...

The only giant want I have is a pair of knee-high black boots, since the brown ones I bought last fall were such an unparallelled success. Probably the Fluevog Earl of Montagues, or possibly the Heidis. (I contemplated Fryes, but I know how 'Vogs fit me, and don't know where to get Fryes in Ontario.)

I'm also getting into a real black/grey kick. I'd like a pair of tallish, comfy, weird-and-interesting-looking grey platform shoes of some kind. Seen anything interesting?

I like those skinny knit pants, too.

{Tara} said...

Mad -- I also love my over-the-knee-boots! Urban Outfitters and Aldo both have some really cute platform/wedge options...but I think the really good stuff will probably become available in the next month or so w/ Fall releases!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Very good resolution. Remember, when sticking to monochromatic looks, play with texture. You will be very chic.