Thursday, September 3, 2009

Room for Love

{photo via FFFound}

I love this room, though I'm a a little afraid I would mangle myself in the tentacles of that chandelier! It is quirky and distinctive, with a touch of vintage -- and yet it still seems casual and attainable. Overall, those combination of qualities never fail to appeal to me in both fashion and design.

I've also noticed over the past few years that I'm completely obsessed with red in decor/design. The weird thing is that I never really wear or buy red clothes. I wonder why?

Does your decorating style match your personal style? Or, do you have multiple personalities when it comes to dressing yourself and dressing your walls?


ambika said...

I'd say my personal style is *very* close to how I do interiors. Tending far more towards classic with some color and as much handmade as I can get!

Teresa @ good-grace said...

omg... these colors are DIVINE! I'm totally draw to this - but, yes, I'm a little more "safe" in my decorating. (can't decide if that's good or bad... probably bad.)

mon bibi said...

i love this living room! no so sure about the lamp, I would have th perrrfect lampe to go with the rest though. It's a rococo lam made with green psinted metal (in the shape of leaves) and red and white porcelain roses). It's like a chandelier. I fell in love with it in an cheap antique store in my neighbourhood.

For decoration, I love the mixture of new and old, but what I like the most, ist the clash of styles: roccoco-country style-modern-jugendstil-50's til 70's. That's what I live. I don't like the cold of modern design. I like comfort and practical stuff. I like the stories behind second hand furniture and objects.

I love buying stuff on ebay and I was always happy with what I bought. I got a lamp for the Republic Palast of the ancient GDR (ex East-Germany). I love flea market, there are plenty on week-ends here in Berlin.

I hope some day I have enough moeny to avoid going to ikea for the rest of my life!!!