Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Mischief: A River of Inspiration...

This is where I spent my weekend:

[::via Freewine's photostream on Flickr]

    Unfortunately, my digital camera died and I had to use one of those ancient wind-up disposable cameras, so I must wait to get them the olden days, no? I have been reading Emerson this past week, and was inspired to pay closer attention and really soak in the surroundings while out on the river. It was just so beautiful. My girlfriends and I were discussing why it is, despite the heat, bugs, and vast potential for injuring ourselves [which one of us did...and had to get a tetanus shot!] we have such a great time out there. I was reminded of an Emerson quote: "I expand and live in the warm day like corn and melons." It's sort of a funny quote, but I think it sums up the simplicity of what a day spent in nature does for the expansion of your soul. That's how I feel on a hot summer day, anyway!

    To continue my project from last week, here are some more ways to bring a bit of beauty and everyday-passion into your life during the week ahead:

  • Spend an hour, an evening, or an entire day in natural surroundings -- be conscious of all the details, all the ways it makes you feel in comparison with an average day spent at home, at work, or indoors.
  • Buy yourself a delicate new teacup and a fancy tea to keep at your desk at work -- have tea time in the afternoon [by yourself...or ask a friend to join]. This is my new favorite tea -- it's insanely healthy and delicious!
  • Order something out of your comfort zone the next time you go to a restaurant [maybe I'll order something with bell peppers...which I hate...maybe].
  • Read some poetry...really! Try reading something you disliked when you were younger. I used to think that Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and Christina Rossetti were boring when I studied them in grade school. But as I've grown older, I realize how fantastic they are!
  • Give yourself a facial: steam, scrub, mask, the whole nine yards.
  • Buy a fun coloring book and crayons and color with someone you is one of my favorites.

Make just a few moments this week intensely beautiful!



so beautiful place!!!

I am so glad for you!

Kisses Tara

Maggie said...

I love bell peppers! I'm even growing them in my garden! Also, I love Robert Frost. Speaking of nature, don't miss the meteor shower on the 12th!

josephus said...

You should really read some Wendell Berry for your nature kick. He writes really beautiful and sad novels about a small rural american community's connection to the land and the destruction that war and large economic shifts in american agribusiness bring in tearing people away from their connections to the land in the abstract and to particular places specifically.
He is also a prolific essayist and is really the kind of environmentalist that I can get into.

Sam said...

So pretty and serene! I love your suggestions - I will try to keep them in mind as I go about my business today!! Hope your week is progressing well! XX

[Tara] said...

Kira -- Thanks dear [though not as beuatiful as Brazil!]

Maggie-- I wish I could like bell peppers, but I seem to be incapable...which is shocking, because I LOVE food!

Josephus -- Thanks Joe -- sounds intriguing!

Sam -- Very serene...wish I could just stay out there sometimes!