Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Mischief: My Beauty Scrapbook

This weekend [without telling anyone] I made it my goal to pay close attention to my surroundings and document the beauty I saw around me. Beauty is certainly a subjective experience, quirky and particular to each person, so I made an effort to be conscious and really take note of what I personally found beautiful in my day-to-day encounters. This is part of a larger personal project I have been working on the past few weeks: to really absorb and appreciate the small things that make life amazing, as well as to listen to that inner voice that drives me [all of us] toward the beautiful and sublime -- a drive which we often ignore in lieu of work, obligations, and even self-censorship. I have also made it a goal to create beauty everyday -- to be active in my own inspiration. I'm no artist, but I feel as if even small things can make such a substantial difference in our ability to turn an average day into an inspiring day. Don't wait...don't make excuses...don't put it off: that is my new mantra!! Here are some ways you and I can bring a bit of beauty into our everyday life this week:

  • Buy flowers for yourself...don't wait for someone else to buy them!
  • Rent a film you have been meaning to watch for ages.
  • Paint your toe nails purple...or yellow, or neon orange. You will smile every time you look down at them.
  • Visit a local bakery and try that delicious pastry, cookie, or cupcake you always convince yourself you don't need.
  • Swing on a swing set.
  • Take a bike ride, and bring your camera along -- stop and take photos of all the lovely things you notice on the way.
  • Experiment with a new recipe you have been nervous about trying.
  • Read something soul-expanding [this week I'm going to delve into Emerson!]

My inspiring week: A sailboat on the river near my apartment /a delicate new tea cup / green hydrangeas at the park / a yummy pesto, artickoke, tomato pizza made [almost] from scratch by me! / fuschia flowers along the bike trail / the syringe building / covered wagon playground / bridges at sunset/ mannequin outside of a garage sale / delicious hors d'ouevres and ice cream-shaped sugar cookies / the Tulsa rose garden / a zen pond...and a lotus! / scenic Wooward park / swinging with my man!


Brigid said...

I love this post! I really want to get out there and take lots of happy pictures now. Thanks for sharing!

Also, your homemade pizza sounds amazing.

Courtney said...

I love your new mantra! And I love Emerson; I hope you enjoy him! Beautiful post; this made me smile. Thank you!

Mme. M said...

"Paint your toe nails purple...or yellow, or neon orange. You will smile every time you look down at them" I do that.
"Visit a local bakery and try that delicious pastry, cookie, or cupcake you always convince yourself you don't need" I wish I could do that but im in a diet xD
Take a look of my pictures!!!

MySpecialStash said...

This is such an uplifting post- just what I need after a hectic day at work! It sounds like you had an amazing weekend!! Plus that outfit is so adorable- my love for crisp white and blue will never die!

Sam said...

So nice! The photos are glorious! They remind me of my photos from the weekend actually! I've been doing a gratitude list in my head every evening in bed before I fall asleep. Just little things like "Thank you for my lovely boyfriend who went and got takeaway for me, thank you for the lovely rhubarb pie and cream...etc" It really is sooo relaxing! I can feel myself relax as I go through my thank yous! ...and there are sooo many!! :) Have a great week Tara! XX

Poke Salad Annie said...

this reminder came at just the right time for me. thanks for that! i shall try to adopt your new mantra as well! :)

[Tara] said...

Brigid -- Thanks so much! I just felt so inspired to take photos this's not always like that, LOL!

Courtney -- Glad you enjoyed!! I used to read Emerson, but stopped years ago for some reason...

MM -- Thanks for the link to your photos!

Special Stash -- Yay! I'm glad it cheered you. And thanks for the compliment on my outfit, I was feeling rather dowdy that day, but sometimes the most simple outfits end up being the best!

Sam -- I love the idea of doing that to fall asleep! I'm going to try that because sometimes I have difficulty slowing down my brain at night.

Annie -- Let's all make it our mantra!