Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Mannish Overcoat

[Hi all...I am in Nashville for the Modernist Studies Association conference right now. Nerdy, bookish stuff, I might be a bit slow for a few days answering comments, etc. I will have one more post tomorrow, and then take the weekend off. Enjoy your week my friends!]
I am loving the idea of a masculine overcoat with long, slouchy sleeves [good for rolling up], a deep neck, and low-slung buttons. It has such an 80's Wallstreet vibe. So far, all of the examples I have found are WAY out my price range. However, I'm fairly confident that with a good bit of thrift-store shopping, I can find something quite similar in the men's department, for much less cash. Do my lovely readers have any suggestions?

The Topshop version is perfect, but $310 is just not wallet-friendly!

The new Burberry Prorsum F/W 08 Collection had several mannish overcoats, but all for [*gulp*] thousands of dollars...


Savvy Mode SG said...

i will pair man-ish coat with ruffle and pearls... : )

Gerry said...

I would actually suggest checking the boy's department in semi-upscale department stores. I'm not sure what your budget is, but boy's clothes (in the same sizes and similar fabrics) tend to be significantly cheaper than women's and if you're going for that masculine vibe, it'll be in just the right kind of cut.

Apart from that, there's always ebay. :)

Anonymous said...

loveee burberry collections. the colors and coats were fabulous. & that topshop coat is a great find! you shud invest in it! :)

La C

Timja said...

Regarding "Loving this week", don't you just love Catherine Deneuve in Polanskis fantastic movie Repulsion!

[Tara] said...

savvy -- I love the mix of mannish/feminine. Sounds lovely!

gerry -- thanks so much for your suggestion! I often forget to look outside my own department, and you're right -- the children's clothes are always more reasonable!

lacouturiernyc -- I know! the Burberry collection is just amazing!

timja -- I need to see that film still! I have so many films on my must-see list, but all I do is read lately for exams...can't wait until it is over and I can catch up on my movie watching!