Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back from NYC...with Goodies Galore

My birthday trip to New York was fantastic! We spent most of our time shopping and eating great food. My boyfriend and I stayed with my sister in Fort Greene, Brooklyn -- we really got to explore more of Brooklyn this time, and I fell in love with the neighbourhood-y feel of Fort Greene. We tried to avoid touristy spots and just enjoyed walking and exploring...

I finally had time to take pictures of some of my great NY shopping finds (the natural light was really bad today, so sorry for the poorly lit photos). No single item cost more than 50 bucks (which is saying A LOT for NY!). I definitely "broke the bank," but considering my limited budget, I think I did very well.

I was really excited to visit Uniqlo (a kind of Japanese super-size Gap), and I have to say it did not disappoint! I think the fact that everything is so well-priced and uber-organized really impressed me. The choice of colors is amazing too -- the interior looks like an art installation, with walls and walls of sweaters, jeans, and cotton tops arranged by every color of the rainbow (I'm a sucker for color-coded stores). I bought two pairs of jeans that were both on sale for $19.99!! The ones on the left are a faded-peachy color. the dark denim jeans are super-baggy boy cut -- they look great rolled up. I also bought a pair of super soft burgundy, straight-leg cords. These are going to be perfect with boots and a blazer in fall/winter!

I think my two new favorite colors for the season are burgundy and peach -- weird because I barely owned anything in these colors until this week. I just seem to keep being drawn to them! In addition to the pants, I bought a simple burgundy button-up cardigan at Uniqlo.

Uniqlo is also giving American Apparel a run for their money -- they have leggings and tights in every color (and for less cash). These purple and mustard tights I found will be an awesome accent to many of my more basic grey/black/brown items.

Of course no trip to NY is complete without a trip to H&M. I have to say I was not as overall impressed with the selection in the two stores in Soho as I have been in the past. Aside from their "limited edition" section, many of the items seemed cheaply made (OK, duh...). I think I am getting pickier about material as I get older -- stiff, scratchy cotton is definitely a pet-peeve of mine. I did, however find two items that were a bit on the high end price-wise for H&M, but they are silk-blend and fit really lovely. This white top has adorable button and pocket details:

This peach silk dress seems really classic, and I think it will look great with a belt, dark tights, and some vintage-style heels.

I'm excited about this silky-fringy scarf -- it seems a little dressier than your average wool or cotton scarf, and the fringe makes it feel more special (it also has both peach and burgundy shades in it!)

I bought four really versatile and comfy cotton tops. I don't have many occasions to dress up, so cotton items make up a large portion of my closet. I always try to find T-shirts that are a little more elevated in some way than your average, everyday T-shirt -- stripes, cut, details, etc. This striped, boat-neck top from H&M is very French gamine. I found the loose navy blue tee at Urban Outfitters in the West Village -- the ruffles down the front make it stand out.

I also went ahead and bought a tee and a tank I had been eying on the American Apparel website for a while -- both are tri-blend (the softest, most luscious cotton blend).

After my shopping frenzy, I made myself promise I wouldn't spend any more moolah, but sister suggested we go to Buffalo Exchange in Williamsburg and this Free People silk dress was calling my name! I can't wait to pair it with a chunky sweater and some riding boots.

We all went to the Brooklyn flea market on Sunday, and I was overwhelmed by the amazing selection of vintage clothes and furniture -- a person could really do some damage to their wallet if they went there often! My boyfriend saw me lusting over these vintage Minnetonka moccasins, so he bought them for me as one of my birthday gifts.

The only thing I enjoy more than shopping in NY is eating in NY. I was dying to try Pinkberry because I had heard so much about it. It was so scrumptious, we ended up eating there twice! It is indescribably creamy and tangy and they top it with any fresh fruit you can think of. I got raspberry, strawberry and mango. Delish!!!

As a perfect end to the trip, my lovely friend Audrey made a decadent strawberry cake for my birthday. We all sat around, drank sangria, chatted, and enjoyed her beautiful patio. I found myself thinking...for just a moment or two...that I might want to move back to NY one day...we'll have to wait and see I guess ;)


Emily said...

that's one of the prettiest cakes i've seen and great tip about the uniqlo tights!

Anjeanette said...

That cake looks way to yummy. Looks like you got some great clothes! I love NY too.

Emma said...

Welcome back. Glad you had a great trip!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that peach colored dress and the white top with the buttons. Very cute and classic! Welcome back--and yes, isn't NY the greatest? I hope that you had a very happy birthday and that my singing voicemail message wasn't too frightening! :)

emily said...

i love the cardigan/tights!

Sharon Rose said...

Wow, what a fabulous time!! Uniqlo is my favourite shop of the moment too!! I did a post on Sunday as I got the same cardi but in purple!! I would have bought more, but my budget didn't allow!! I adore your buys, particularly the H&M scarf, the Free People dress and the minnetonkas-excellent buys!

Ashlee said...

you found some great stuff...
love the cardigan and your choice of colors for the tights.

and the baker in me cannot help but admire the delicious-looking cake your friend made for you.

Richel said...

that free people dress is to die for. And that cake looks sickeningly delicious.

Mila said...

Wow great!!!
You picked up some great items and that cake...well, now words needed for that one! ;)

I al jealous (i'm sorry) ..i want to go to NY for such a long time now..

Have a great weekend, love!

Bye, Mila.

Kris said...

How lovely does that cake look!

Some wonderful finds :D I love the cardigan


The Budget Babe said...

ha! Pinkberry was my first stop in NYC last time i visited too. i dream of dropping everything and opening my own fro-yo shop, its that good :)