Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chunky Gold Rings

There is something simultaneously classic and artsy about chunky gold rings. I have been hunting relentlessly for the just the right one for a while now (right look + right price). I was about to give up, but as I was flipping through the TV channels a few nights ago, I came across QVC, and they were selling one that came close to perfect! I decided to check out the QVC website, and what do you know? They have several options, all reasonably priced. They also have a great return policy, so if it doesn't fit or I don't like it, no problem. Apparently, QVC is not just for old ladies any more. Or maybe this means I'm an old lady now? Here are some of my top contenders:

Pinuccia Scatizzi Polished and Hammered Wide Band Ring, 14K
QVC Price: $287.50

10mm High Polished Band Ring, 14K Gold
QVC Price: $98.00

Choice of Satin Finish or Polished Bold Band Ring, 14K Gold
QVC Price: $168.00

Satin and Diamond Cut Wide Band Ring 14K Gold
QVC Price: $207.00


Sharon Rose said...

The 1st one is great!!

Ashlee said...

i am avid collector of vintage rings.

love the thick gold bands.

love your blog.