Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekend Links.

{Film still from "Lay Down Lean" by The Belles of Black Diamond Field}

How has the week treated you? Any exciting holiday plans for the weekend? This is the first time in a long time that I don't have ANY plans for the weekend. I'm actually kind of excited about that...time to catch up on my DVD-watching! Speaking of movies, the main-man and I went to see "Fantastic Mr. Fox," and I really cannot recommend it enough! Do you have any must-see movie recommendations? I'm on the lookout for both new and old films to add to my repertoire. As always, I hope you enjoy the links --

::Finally! Two years of hard work digitizing Scribner's Magazine {from 1910-1921} has finally come to fruition. Come see what myself and the staff at the Modernist Journals Project have been up to!! You can search images, ads, and articles in Scribner's...and many other gorgeous magazines from the early 20th century. {Yes, this is my other-other job}.

::I love the digital collages by artist Julien Pacaud.

::Target is partnering with Liberty of London?? This could possibly be amazing...or not. It's always a bit of a crap-shoot with Target, isn't it?

::Utterly obsessed and fascinated with the short, 8 mm films of Maximilla Lucaks and Sophie Flicker {aka. The Belles of Black Diamond Field}.

::What combines fashion and crayons, you ask? The BEST coloring book ever!!

::Frontier-themed holiday decor and party ideas over at the always-original Hollister Hovey.

::Ladies holiday wish list from 1942, updated at Behind the Curtain.

::Fashion designers-turned-film-directors: Tom Ford's A Single Man and Lagerfeld's Paris-Shanghai.

::Screen Search Fashion archive is a thematic guide to fashion in films from the 20's and 30's -- with images and film clips!


Torie Jayne said...

Thanks for the great links, I am hoping to do some holiday baking this weekend, Have a sweet day!

Her name was Lola said...

I'm keeping fingers crossed! Can't wait till Liberty hits stateside.


{Tara} said...

Tori -- Thanks! Baking sounds fun...but I've already been pigging out on cookies and hot cocoa too much!

Lola -- Agreed! I am so curious to see what they come up with...

Jeffrey said...

What?!? Scribner's is actually done? That's a no-no, but I like it!!!

Congratulations to you and the staff on putting a bow on it and bringing it home. Of course, without my direction all of last year this probably wouldn't have been possible. Or at least there wouldn't be as many intriguing metatextual elements!

ambika said...

I'm envious of your job--it sounds too cool.


Fantastic Mr. Fox was one of my absolute favorite childhood books, so I'm glad to hear the movie turned out well! Can't wait to see it...