Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things You Never Knew You Needed Until Now...

Obviously I'm feeling a bit girly -- and a little French -- this week:

::"Cat" original painting by artist Jennifer Davis

::Milky Flowers in Sunrise Clutch by Eight Seasons

::Ceramic Doll's Face Ring by Mixco

::Bonne Nuit Lavendar Scented Dream Doll by La Pomme

::Porcelain Wall Pillow by Stepanka Ceramics

::French Laundry Scented Body Cream by Portland General Store

::Knotted Gold Bow Necklace by Sea Unicorn

::Thomas Paul Ludite pouch at Velocity

::Personalized Handmade Silk Passport Holder by Bridget Davies

::The Dopo Puccini Cotton and Silk Sleep Mask by Del Guidice Studio


Poesis said...

The doll's face ring is genius! Love love love it. How do you constantly find all these irresistible things, Tara? You are a tertön (Treasure Revealer) incarnate!

Brigid said...

That clutch is delightful! It reminds me how much I need to learn to sew.

Sam said...

Man! You are so good at choosing neat things!! Have you ever thought of a career as a shopper or something a long those lines? Seriously!! I think you have a real gift! All of this stuff here is nothing I've seen before but utterly lovely!

psrock said...

The cat print looks like a female feline version of Max in 'Where the wild things are' - cute but kinda carnivorous!

amanda said...

Oh, you are making me covet that passport holder, badly!!!

[Tara] said...

Poesis -- I just love that word so much! Thanks for teaching me...and thanks for the compliment!

Brigid -- I just look at it and think, "I'm so glad other people know how to sew beautiful things!"

Sam -- You are so kind Sam! I think I just spend a lot of time perusing the internet for inspiration...and not buying, because I'm broke!

psrock -- It does look like Max! You're right!

amanda -- I know -- isn't it just so much better than those generic leather ones??

ana b. said...

Wow! A pillow for your wall? I must investigate. Tehehehe. And I love the packaging of the French Laundry cream.

Anonymous said...

Such cute stuff!! The cat painting is so funny! I also really like the pink clutch and the lacey eye mask! The porcelein doll ring is so awesome along with the very cute Thomas Paul Ludite pouch! :)

Poke Salad Annie said...

that doll face ring is gorgeous!