Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekend Reads: Links to the Strange and the Beautiful

Last weekend was magnificently relaxing! This weekend I hope to mix in some socializing, too! What adventures do you have planned...??
  • I really want to swing on a swing-set!
  • I am going to visit some estate sales.
  • I have a wine-tasting on Saturday -- featuring California wines!
  • I finally hope to watch "Factory Girl," which has been on my movie queue for ages.

Here's a little link-love for ya...

♥ Check out Joan Jett's rock-n-roll inspired fashion at Refinery 29.

♥ Love words? You will adore We Make Words blog.

Collector's Weekly is an amazing resource for collectors [or wannabe collectors].

♥ Hollister and Porter Hovey -- the New Antiquarians featured in the New York Times.

Color Palette Generator: an addictive tool!

♥ A new Topshop line based on horror films? I can totally dig it.

The Female Gaze is an amazing exhibition at Cheim and Read Gallery in NYC, featuring art by women, of women.

♥ Learn about the talented artist Amanda Spicer on Progress on the Prairie.


Maggie said...

I will be making lots of bookplates and possibly seeing The Cat From Outer Space.

Chrissy Foreman C said...

I went for a walk a couple of weeks ago around a lake and came upon the playground ... a quick look around to make sure noone was looking and off I went running to the swing set! I haven't swung so high, well, possibly ever ~ and i thought to myself, 'Why the hell don't I do this more often!!'

p.s. love the word art ~ my word of the week is 'sweet' so it was sweet to see it on your blog today!

ana b. said...

How amazing is that Topshop horror outfit?! Yesssss. It makes me look forward to those horrid Halloween dress up parties.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

I love relaxing weekends, they are the best, especially with a late brunch thrown in :)

Anonymous said...

i was immediately drawn to the female gaze exhibit gallery...
really cool stuff for the most part. but then, the last picture is of a young girl (probably 9 yrs old) completely naked lying in a victorian-ish pose. it's called VENUS AFTER SCHOOL, i think. and, it freaked me out. i don't want to be a prude or anything, but i have to be honest, it was creepy. it made me feel creepy. it made me wonder about the intentions of the does make me think about how all women who are subjects of paintings and photos are at one time just little girls. creepy or not, it's definitely stuck with me! next time we see each other, we should talk about it.
and, also, i had fun saturday, even though it took me ALL day sunday to recover :)
and, also, thanks for the link!

[Tara] said...

Maggie -- Is that the old Disney movie??

Chrissy -- I went swinging, too, and it was fantastic!! I couldn't stop smiling!

Ana -- I know! I'm already pondering Halloween costumes...

Pretty Little -- As long as someone else cooks the brunch for me ;)

Okie -- I need to look up her name...she is fascinating, I think that is her daughter.