Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Herbal Remedies

I love cooking with herbs -- even when I make a super-simple dish, adding fresh herbs makes it seem more special somehow. I spend so much money on fresh herbs that I'm starting to think I should grow my own. The only problem is that my apartment is severely lacking in proper kitchen/dining room window-ledges {and my cat likes to munch green things}...

If I had a perfect sunny ledge right over my kitchen sink, I would definitely fill it with :: Design Night's cute, versatile Nature Planters. You can grow multiple herbs in one modern, little pot!

But, in the meantime, the Cuisipro Herb Keeper is a really clever way to preserve my leftover herbs, which always seem to wilt before I have the chance to use them.

Do you have any favorite recipes using fresh herbs?? I'm always on the lookout for easy dishes with sage, dill, or rosemary {my favorites}.

::Here is a yummy recipe for Sage Pasta, one of my favorite go-to recipes:


A small bunch of fresh sage {torn from stems}.
A package of fresh cheese tortellini.
Shredded Parmesan.
Olive Oil.
Salt and pepper to taste.


Boil the tortellini until al dente. In a pan, heat 2-3 table spoons of olive oil. Add the pasta and the sage. Stir pasta gently with sage and oil until coated. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Continue cooking until the sage is soft and aromatic. During this process, you can also add some shredded parmesan {as little or as much as you like} and stir with the pasta and sage...or you can wait until the pasta is done cooking and let each person top the pasta with the cheese.

I usually just serve this with a simple Ceasar Salad. Voila!! So easy and yummy.


Anonymous said...

I'm soooo bad at cooking, I always try to solve it with some herbs, or stuff like that ;) I take note of your recipe!
Tamara, x

Sam said...

Yes! I totally agree with you that heabs are a must when cooking! Imight accidentally on purpose let my boyfriend see this delicious recipe!! He's a fabbo cook - much better than me!

{Tara} said...

ithunter -- I'm not *great* at cooking either, but I agree if you throw in herbs, it makes a HUGE difference!

sam-- Let me know if he cooks it ;)Sage is just fantastic...and often underrated.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Sounds yummy. Our sage has been absolutely prolific this year. So much so, we've cut it back twice and it still keeps growing! I'll miss it during the winter.

psrock said...

Have only recently discovered how amazing sage is, and am now addicted! Will send through fabulous recipe for spatchock stuffed with sage potatoes - you can just make the potatoes as a side for another dish, yummo1

Jade said...

Boil some baby potatoes, drench in olive oil, salt & cracked pepper, and toss in ripped up sage: heaven - and easy!

I only discovered sage recently, and oh my!

The sage potatoes can be stuffed in spatchock and roasted for a yummy surprise seasoning :)

{Tara} said...

couture allure -- I wish I could grow sage! It is my favorite.

psrock -- Sounds amazing; I'm looking forward to it!

jade -- I haven't even thought of trying them with potatoes yet!