Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to School Wish List: Back to [Not-So] Basics

Two more weeks and many of us go back to school. Hey, the upside to the end of summer fun is shopping for new school supplies, right?? And even if you're not in school, the end of a season brings subtle, exciting changes. What are you daydreaming about now that the season is winding down? Here are a few items on my back-to-school wish list:

::Cath Kidson mini agenda at Fred Flare
::TokyoMilk scented bubble bath at Fred Flare

::The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior at Anthropologie
::Preening Peacock Pen at Anthropologie

::Crosley table alarm clock and speaker at Urban Outfitters
::BDG leather saddle shoe at Urban Outfitters

::Plan B Flask at Urban Outfitters
::Plaid Reading Glasses at Urban Outfitters

::Vintage-inspired compact mirror at Urban Outfitters
::Deena and Ozzy Quilted laptop bag at Urban Outfitters


Anonymous said...

Shopping for back-to-school-things have always been one of my favourite parts of the year! It's a little strange, but a new school year has always seemed to me more like "fresh start" than new years.

That laptop bag would look wonderful with my new trenchcoat, and a peacock pen would make writing new songs a much more pleasant experience (I've been struggling with songwriter's block since May, and if I don't have any new songs come the start of school, I'm not sure how well the band might last). I do hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer? :)

Sam said...

Hmmmm....little dictionary of fashion!! Something I most definitely need!!