Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekend Reads: Links to the Strange and the Beautiful

What's on your agenda this weekend? My plan is to not have a plan, natch! The past few weekends have ended up being a bit stressful for various reasons. I hope this weekend will be low-key...
  • I 'plan' to: eat a nice, healthy meal at The Local Table, and do some *light* reading [I've been obsessively pouring over all of Alexandra Stoddard's books].
  • I hope to: be able to spend several hours lounging around with my boyfriend and relaxing...maybe by the pool.
  • I need to: decide whether or not I can make a trip to NYC in August -- my birthday and my sister's birthday [she lives in Brooklyn] are both in August and we usually try to be together...
  • I wish: I had cable, so I could watch "True Blood" -- everyone is talking about it, and I feel so out-of-the-loop!

Here are some links I've loved this week -- hope you love them, too:

♥ Wonderful, albeit slightly creepy animated videos of poets "reciting" their works at Poetic Oneirism.

♥ Another fabulous book list, this time from Paul Pincus [a man of exquisite taste]

♥ Lovely illustrations of American women authors by Alicia Traveria

♥ A stunning selection of vintage shoes at 1860-1960

♥ Gender reversals of famous literary works by artists Daniela Comani

♥ Top 2009 perfume picks so far on 1000 Fragrances

♥ Telling Tales is an incredible design exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum

♥ Two gorgeous men, bringing their own Street Etiquette to the world of fashion.


Anonymous said...

I plan to: watch HP again with a friend, enjoy having a freshly cleaned-out closet and play around with my blog layout.

I hope to: figure out what to do with all those old fashion magazines I've got lying around.

I need to: clean the bathroom. Boring, but true.

I wish: I could stop wishing I had more money and could shop as much as I like. Does that mean I'm a shopoholic? :p

Have a lovely weekend, darling one!

Sam said...

Ah! Sounds like your weekend is perfectly unplanned! I love your picks here as always - such style you have Tara! I feel like I'm educating myself every time I visit your beautiful blog! Have a lovely weekend sweetie!

Blood Milk said...

o true blood is so worth the extra $$$!

Wicked Darling said...

Love the link to the shoes! I will take a pair of each in a size 8.5 please.

Maggie said...

I will be watching True Blood this weekend. It's equal parts good and terrible but I can't seem to help watching it.

Anonymous said...

i'm looking forward to checking out the link to the illustrations of the authors...thanks, sugar!

[Tara] said...

Airam -- Don't worry; I'm a shopaholic, too!

bloodmilk -- That's what I've heard!! I want to watch it!

Wicked -- I know! aren't they wonderful?

Maggie -- I have heard it is quite a guilty pleasure!

Okie -- No problem HUN!!