Friday, June 26, 2009

Have a Steamy, Sweltering Weekend...

Do you have any interesting plans this weekend, dear readers?

* I am going to: listen to some Michael Jackson and reminisce / spend the day with my friend Sarah at the pool on Saturday /see some live music on Saturday night / go to a museum on Sunday.
* I need to: clean the house [*blah*]
* I hope: my boyfriend and I will have time to snuggle and watch a movie...and have a tennis re-match!
* I really need to: catch up on reading.
* I wish: it weren't so damn HOT!!

At the Pool

It has been sweltering here in the Midwest [100 degrees!], and it is really making me wish I lived near a large body of water. But, alas, I am 9 hours from the closest beach, and I will just have to be satisfied with lounging by the swimming pool at my apartment complex. What are your must-have items for a hot day by the pool or at the beach? I don't need anything too fancy in my "beach bag" -- the key thing is to have items that keep my pale skin from getting fried. I also need a girly fashion magazine, some good summer tunes...and, yes, cold beer [do you find it as funny as I do that I put a can of Bud in my Polyvore collage?].

Here are my essentials:

♥ A modest, retro style swimsuit.
♥ My cozy black Havaianas...that I've had for 8 years.
♥ A big floppy hat to keep the sun off of my face.
♥ My ipod classic.
♥ Some cute sunglasses.
♥ Yummy-smelling sunscreen with SPF 50.
♥ A cold beverage [and my monogrammed koozie -- have you seen these?]
♥ A floral sundress.
♥ An oversized waterproof bag to keep all of my stuff.
♥ Rosebud Salve to keep my lips from getting dry [applied after I've applied sunscreen, of course].
♥ And if I'm hanging out alone, a good poolside book is essential.

I've been dying to read these -- has anyone had the opportunity to check these out? [click for descriptions]

Have a steamy weekend loves!!!


MySpecialStash said...

Haha that Bud in your polyvore is hilarious! And so perfectly appropriate for those unbearably hot summer days. That monogrammed sleeve is so funny too- very cheeky but undeniably adorable.

I don't start my summer job for another ten days, and the books you've included might just be my saving grace from self-destructive boredom! Right now I'm reading Muriel Spark's A Far Cry From Kensington, but I'm almost through and am now very tempted to pick up one of these three! I'll let you know if I do, and they turn out to be must-reads!


Have a great weekend friend!

we all are thinking about Michael....tragedy...not only because he is dead....
but he is such a one is like him...

Sam said...

It sounds like you have a great weekend lined up! Hope it cools a bit for makes doing anything a little tricky I think! I'll be drawing today (Saturday) and then going for a much needed walk tomorrow - it's super cool so it's perfect for walking in! Have a great weekend!