Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monday Mischief...On a Tuesday: Fashion and Film

Yesterday was spent recovering from a very fun girl's weekend in Kansas City, so I was lax in my blogging duties! OOPS!

This is going to be a somewhat random post, but I wanted to share my thoughts on something I have been contemplating lately, namely: films. I have noticed that I am extremely picky about movies. I rarely "love" a movie, and I'm often disappointed in other movies that people seem to like. I think I have certain aesthetic expectations about movies, and my "eyes" get bored very easily -- does that make sense?

The movies I most love are the ones with a strong visual statement [and an interesting story doesn't hurt]. I pay very close attention to elements like costumes, colors, sets, lighting effects, music and mood. I also really tend to dislike gritty realism -- I figure, who needs to pay to watch it when it surrounds us? I don't find the representation of people's pain and anguish entertaining. But, then again, I love films like "Kill Bill," that are criticized for being extremely violent. Maybe I feel violence is acceptable if it is glamorized and unrealistic? I guess it doesn't hurt that it is Uma Thurman kicking ass in an awesome yellow jumpsuit!!

Speaking of awesome outfits in films, why isn't there more written about fashion and film? Where are the good blogs on this topic? If anyone knows, please pass on the wisdom!

I did recently discover a new Brazilian site called "Filme + Fashion," which focuses on the relationship and interplay between film and fashion. If you don't speak Portuguese, you will have to use the translation on Google, but it is still worth checking out for updates and articles on this fascinating connection. Some films they have mentioned lately that I am dying to see include: Blonde Venus [with Marlene Dietrich], Coco Avant Chanel [about the life of Chanel], Picnic at Hanging Rock [supposedly the movie that influenced Sofia Coppola], and the new Grey Gardens film [with Drew Barrymore].

And of course, if you're a movie lover, Film Stills is an amazing site. In some ways, I almost enjoy looking at beautiful or provocative stills more than I like actually watching the movie.

What is your take on this subject, my dear readers? Are visual elements important to you when considering a film? What are some of the most beautiful or visually engaging movies you have seen? I think I need to start being more proactive about researching films I would actually be inspired by!
[By the way, the images in this post are from some of my favorites: Marie Antoinette, Blade Runner, Legend, Orlando, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and Dogville...to name a few]


Dugout Daisy said...

LEGEND?! Is that Legend on there?!


I completely agree with this post too! I love inspiration from films, or films that make you feel something with the music and the colors of it all!


[Tara] said...

Daisy -- that IS Legend!! And before Tom was kind of a jerk, LOL. I love that film! It has unicorns, for God's sake!

Maggie said...

Hi Tara,
Blade Runner is one of my all time favorite movies! I'm sure you've already seen The Fall, Amelie and Let The Right One In. A few of my other favorites are Enchanted April, Titus by Julie Taymor(but very violent), Garden State and James And The Giant Peach.

Catherine said...

Here are some really good sites for film costumes:

http://costumersguide.com/ *research, stills, images, exhibitions, books, you-name-it
http://periodmovies.blogspot.com/ movie reviews and great screen captures

Hope you enjoy them! I can spend hours on these! Lovely blog you have here - thanks for sharing your style!

[Tara] said...

Maggie -- I still need to see "Let the Right One In" -- it is on my list. I also LOVE Titus; you are one of the only other people who I've heard say they like that film! It is so violent, yet so beuatiful!

Catherine -- A million thanks!! I can't wait to peruse these sites!

Maggie said...

You are the only other person who I've heard say that they liked Titus too! I guess great minds think alike!

Leah said...

I'm always noticing things like clothes and hairstyles in films. I think they make or break a scene - if I don't believe the clothes on a person, I don't believe the character. And similarly, if an actor wears the clothes like his ior her own, the character comes to life.
A picture that I think would go fantastically in your lineup there is Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth, with her GIANT hair in the dream ballroom scene - she has these incredible silvery vines twined through it, i was always thinking up ways to do that myself!

[Tara] said...

Leah -- thanks so much for your comments! I LOVE Labrinth, and J.C. looks gorgeous throughout that movie. I also remember begging my mom for an oversized vest like the one she wears throughout!

ale said...

Tks Tara!!! Love the link. FilmeFashion is a brazilian movie festival... it started on 2003. This year we have the 4th edition. If you like fashion in films you are gonna love Daisies (1966) you gonna love it!! kisses from brazil :)

Wicked Halo said...

I'm totally with you on this...if a film looks good, even if the story is crappy, I'll see it under a different perspective and have more appreciation for it!
Try checking The Fall, it's visual fest galore, ultra gorgeous to watch, the wardrobe is by Eiko Ishioka who also did Dracula's wardrobe.

Those links you found are cool, thanks for sharing!
I can join your small and select club of people who liked Titus :)

Wicked Halo said...

you might want to check this list I stumbled onto a while ago (only managed to find it again today in my history :) it isn't about fashion, but overall visual vibe and it's quite interesting:


there are a few of these I haven't seen yet...but I'd include Moulin Rouge and Pan's Labyrinth in the list