Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bridesmaid Dress Dilemma?

My friend Sara suggested I take a brief break from my studying madness and help her pick out shoes and accessories for some weddings she will be attending. Not one to ever turn down an opportunity for fantasy-shopping, I gladly accepted. Strangely, she is going to be a bridesmaid in two upcoming weddings, and she has to buy the same dress, but in a different (yet very similar) color for both events! I think the goal in this situation should be to find items that she can use for both weddings. It is already hard enough to find extra cash to splurge on new goodies when you've already spent money on new dresses, so I think she needs to find shoes, a handbag, and hair accessories that are inexpensive...and that she can wear again and again. Do my lovely readers have any suggestions, as well?

Bridesmaid accessories
Bridesmaid accessories - by Tara71 on Polyvore.com

[Click on the Polyvore link to see details about the items]

The key when buying for special occasions is to not lose sight of your own style -- remember, if you prefer wearing flats (like Sara), don't spend money on heels you'll never wear again! But, also remember to step out of your own comfort zone a bit -- if you've been wanting to try a funky headband, this is a great excuse to try one out. There are plenty of options at discount boutiques, like Forever 21, that allow you to try something new without breaking the bank. And like Sara, many ladies attend more than one wedding [or formal event] each year, so pick out items that you can mix and match -- metallics are great because you can wear them with almost anything.

I hope this gives you some inspiration Sara...and anyone else who might be dealing with a similar dilemma!!


Brigid said...

How annoying for your friend! I think those white flats would be a really good choice. I think silver would be good. I like these: http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/26285916/c/632.html and these: http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/51410495/c/21182.html. The peacock feather is awesome, too. One of my favorite handmade ladies makes great headbands. This would be good: http://www.postlapsaria.com/accessories6.html.

Michelle said...

I love the flats and headbands. You've put together such a sweet look!

saragraph said...

yes! thank you so much, tara! AND tara's readers! feel free to keep accessorizing... by the way: i don't have to wear the same dress--it's just that i like the dress so much that i WANT to wear it twice and to own it in two different colors. actually, i want to have one of them dyed black eventually. probably the green one.

Holly said...

I choose the peacock ANYTHING.