Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Floto Warner Pendant Light: Eco Bling

With designers piling on gold chains all over runways this year, the new gold jewelry chandelier by Floto+Warner seems right on trend. Made entirely of second-hand necklaces found at thrift shops, Goodwill, and Ebay, the chandelier is a glam nod to eco-chic. I love that it is regal and ornate, but in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way.

[Also, just a quick note off-topic, my dear readers -- For fun, I recently installed a live feed reader and added a site meter to my blog. Much to my surprise, people are reading my blog!! Ok, I knew people were reading it, but I didn' realize that there were SO many people visiting. Now, I want to know: who are all you lovely people stopping by but being shy?? I would love to hear from more of you! I'm asking, not because I need my ego stroked, but because it helps me to know your thoughts and ideas, to get feedback, to know what I'm doing right, so I can keep doing it! So, if you find yourself coming back here from time-to-time, or all the time, please drop me a note, say hello, tell me about yourself, and tell me what you think! Thank you so much for your support, friends!]


Airam said...

First: I want that chandelier! I might even be desperate enough to try to make one myself, though I might have some difficulty finding enough non-H&M-jewelry... this city isn't big on second hand stores, I'll tell you that.

I've got you in my newsfeed in my blog-account, so I always know when you post something new ;)

Reasons I like your blog:
- you're really good at finding weird pictures of interesting things (I love your post on the cheeky tea set!), not just the same celebrity-photos that hundreds of other bloggers also posted
- the perfectly balanced amount of images and text; not too much nor too little of either
- you wrote about books ♥
- the layout of the blog is clean and organized (whenever I find a blog that automatically starts playing music, I cannot recover from the bad first impression, no matter how much I try)
- your header is so absurd it always makes me smile

Keep up the good work, puppet!

[Tara] said...

Airam -- You are amazing!! And, thank you so much for your thoughful, specific comments! I also wondered how I might make that might myself! (Though I am not really crafty;)

Anonymous said...

That chandelier is so beautiful but I'd be scared of a chain falling off and hitting me on the head! But I guess they're secured quite tightly :D

michiko said...

I just love the idea of making a chandelier with second-hand necklaces, and the outcome is amazing as well, thanks Tara!

[Tara] said...

karen -- it does seem to have the potential for being dangerous, LOL!

michiko-- I know! It seems so clever, yet so obvious!

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

I love this chandelier, and what a great way to use vintage jewelry! My girlfriend did something similar, hanging 50's beaded necklaces from her rather plain dining room chandelier to great effect.

[Tara] said...

couture allure -- that is such a great idea. I have been trying to figure out how I can do something similar.

Country Girl said...

I found you on the Blog Oklahoma blog ring when I was looking for interesting people to follow. I'll be moving to NE Oklahoma (Most likely the Grove area) next summer so I wanted to get a "familiar feel" for the people I may meet :-)

Anonymous said...

i too want this chandelier.. wow.

[Tara] said...

country girl -- so nice of you to stop by!! Hope your move goes well and please stop back by again!

asherette -- I know! Isn't it gorgeous??

Anonymous said...

i've commented once before, but i wonder the same thing sometimes. i get so many hits on my blog, and never any comments.
i'm an australian student studying abroad in philadelphia, and i just recently found your blog. it's so beautiful that i added it to my favourites and i check basically daily.
i love the art and beautiful photography that you find, it's really nice to know i'll always see something pretty when i come here!


[Tara] said...

Leah -- Thank you so much, you just made my day!! It is so nice to get specific feedback. I think for the most part, unless people have a blog themselves, they mainly like to stay anonymous! I can understand that feeling sometimes ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found your blog from Jean Warner's Oklahoma Women Coalition blog. I am loving this chandelier - too fun, and such a great piece.

I live in OKC and write a blog called Pencil Shavings!

[Tara] said...

Rachel -- I'm so glad you stopped by! And thanks for introducing me to your blog! Cheers!