Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fashion Illustration and New Figurative Drawing: Or, I Like People

I definitely went through a phase [during the time I was getting my Master's degree in Aesthetics] in which I was obsessed with abstract art. But, over the past year or two, I've done a complete 180 degree turn, and I now LOVE figurative illustration and painting -- I want people in my art, thank you! This has also made me more interested in fashion illustration as an art form. Until I can get my hands on the Fashion Illustration book from my gift guide last week, I am quenching my desire by bookmarking my favorite fashion-conscious illustrators on Etsy and dreaming of making a fabulously-framed arrangement of these on my wall (click on images to find out more...):

This print has such a great 70's vibe:
Victorian meets contemporary beauty:

I'm a sucker for glamorous women smoking:

Playful flapper girls:

Decadent Venetian glamour:

Sexy...and slightly creepy:


Anonymous said...

oh I'm very flattered! :D

[Tara] said...

mothersvea --- Of course; your work is great!! I was going to send you a note to let you know...but you saw it first!

Mrs.French said...

mothersvea is one of my favorites too...I love all of these! xo t

deep_in_vogue said...

those are AMAZING. your work is incredible, simply whimsical. You are so talented!

[Tara] said...

mrs french -- Yes, she is amazing! thanks so much!

deep in vogue -- LOL, I wish they were mine, but they are not. You can click on the images to find out about the artist's work ;)

Cris said...

oh they're so cute!

I hope Santa brings lots of these ilustrations to me this year. I've been a good girl! ;-)


[Tara] said...

Cris -- you and me both!!

michiko said...

I used to love drawing fashion illustrations, too bad I don't have time to draw at all these days...lovely illustrations, thanks for sharing!

marry said...

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