Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I would like to thank the academy...

Holy-Bloggers Batman!! This week's posts seem to be turning out to be all-about-me...I've been given a Kreativ Blogger award by the talented and witty Grace over at High Fashion Girl. I am truly happy and honored, Grace [particularly since your blog rocks!]. I was told to list 6 things that make me happy, and then to tag 6 others -- here they are folks:

1. My sister coming to visit from NYC [Hi Lindsay, can't wait to see you!!]
2. My pug Gidget and her snorty little noises.
3. Fage Greek yogurt with honey...yum!!!
4. A new bottle of fabulous perfume.
5. Naps [without any guilt].
6. Dancing to 80's music until my feet hurt and my makeup runs.

Here are my six choices of blogs to tag. These blogs inspire, entertain, and educate me every time I visit them:

1. Behind the Curtain
2. Oh Joy!
3. Mothersvea
4. Child of the Moon
5. The Girl Who Married a Bear
6. Hollister


Anonymous said...

That sounds like six fun things!! and thanks for the tag!!

Milla said...

Thank you! I like your blog, it's tres elegant in my humble opinion, am linking you as soon as I have time to update my list!

Grace said...

Aww, thanks! I enjoy the hell out of your blog too. I think we should try to coordinate some type of Oklahoma blogger meet-up in the future.

As for the things that make you happy - Amen to #3, #5 & #6 in particular!

[Tara] said...

mothersevea -- Of course! You deserve it!

milla-- you're welcome!

grace-- an OK blogger meetup sounds amazing! Do you know any other good OK blogs...I need to add more to my list.

OptART said...

yeah! I made the list! I can't wait to spend time with you too my darling sister!

[Tara] said...

Lindsay -- yay! that was a test to see if you read my blog, and you passed. Better stay on your toes though.. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Your last few posts were such a pleasure to read! I love all your tag answers - and your mustard tights sound very nice!