Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rochas 2010: In the Mood for Love

The new collection by Rochas is so beautifully nostalgic, yet so quirky, that I can't quite wrap my mind around it. Here are the elements that I love about the collection:
  • Ladylike sheer blouses with vintage-inspired brassieres peeking through.
  • Floral belt accessories.
  • Adorable, summery boater hats.
  • Bright brocade.
  • Rich shades of mustard and spice.
  • Retro cat-eye shades!

Here are the elements that kind of have me freaked out {i.e. would look horrible on me}

  • Flat sandals with ankle socks...yikes.
  • Straight, shapeless dresses -- not great for curves.
  • Knit swimsuit/onesies?
  • Baggy, potato sack pants...again, bad for curves.

What do you think of the collection, dear readers?? Does it remind you a bit of the lovely Chinese film "In the Mood for Love"? The ensembles have a very 1960's Hong Kong vibe...

:See more Rochas 2010 images here.

::I might have to snap up these Rochas sunnies on Ebay!


Anonymous said...

OMG! Love this! Though I have yet to brave the socks with sandals look....! :)


{Tara} said...

Kat -- I agree. I love the overall vibe, as well...but the sandals and socks look is just terrifying to me. Though, of course, the models pull it off with ease...

xs said...

i could see the inspiration. such a great movie!

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

reminds me of jane march in the lover (i think?). talk about ankle socks. i think i can't pull them off too. i recall wearing them to school (with school shoes, of course). i'm not against socks with sandals. i'll try again. you should, too! :P