Thursday, January 7, 2010

List Love!

List-making is like a glorious disease: you are compelled, driven mad by the gnawing desire to makes lists for everything from "All the Food I Still Need to Eat Before I Die" to "Movies I Have Seen That Made Me Want to Remove My Eyeballs." I make lists for the esoteric, the inspirational, the everyday, and the mundane. One of my favorite newer features on this blog guessed it: "The List."

What kind of lists would you like to see more of here on Nothing Elegant? Personal, art-related, books, fashion-focused, local tid-bits?

...stay tuned for lists I already have up my sleeve, such as: my favorite dirty poetry; the best stop-motion animation films; women rockers whose style I want to steal; weird vacation spots; concerts to put on your calendar this year...and more.

::More links for the list-related: A place to indulge your addiction / Airam also shares my penchant for lists / List-makers with a twist / A secret society / My all-time favorite place to buy list-making materials.


Brigid said...

I love lists, too. I'd like to see a variety -- art, music, books, fashion.

Jill said...

I make a list at the beginning of the week and feel like I've accomplished something if I've marked everything off by Saturday...which rarely happens!

I'm with Brigid...I'm all for variety!

lisa butterworth said...

i LOVE lists! i would even enjoy reading your grocery lists. so list away!

Maggie said...

Books! Movies! Magazines!

OptART said...

Bring on the dirty poetry list! A great collection of erotic literature was compiled in Lapham's Quarterly (Vol II, Number 1 Winter 2009) called Eros. I think a dirty play list would be super fun to make too. Of course, Sebastien Tellier's Sexuality would make the cut.