Thursday, January 28, 2010

The List: 20 Things to Do When You're Snowed-In and Stir Crazy

{Photo via DeZeen}
Readers, we've been attacked with a bad case of winter weather here again. There is slushy, icy yuckiness as far as the eye can see. This has me wondering how much of this I can take before moving my frozen butt to a tropical island. But, in the attempt to see the positive in this situation, I asked myself: what are some creative things to do when you're stuck inside and waiting for the first bloom of spring? Aside from the usual napping and eating, I think these activities might actually stave off wintry boredom:

1. Go through your magazines or the photos on your computer and make a fashion inspiration folder/file.
2. Update and add to your Netflix queue or Amazon book wishlist.
3. Look through your cookbooks or look online for recipes you would love to try and make a recipes-to-make list.
4. Play a drinking game. So what if it's the middle of the day?
5. Rakata. My mother learned this word from her Puerto Rican boyfriend. If you don't speak Spanish, look it up.
6. Finish a book. I have at least 7 books around here that I've started...
7. Play dress-up, then clean out your closet.
8. Organize/digitize your photos.
9. Play cards. Canasta is a favorite. And no, I'm not elderly.
10. Get busy with that label-maker. Nothing makes you feel more organized that labeling everything.
11. Download new music, or make themed playlists, such as: "Music to Rakata To," or "Music for a Snowy Day When You're Pissed Off and Stuck Inside."
12. Discover new blogs -- play "follow the blue links" and see where it leads you. I've found some of my favorite blogs this way.
13. Mani/Pedi/Facial. 'Nuff said.
14. Call an old friend. You actually have time to chat!
15. Read some poetry, and then try writing one of your own. But, don't ask people to read it -- that's just awkward.
16. E-mail 5 people you love and tell them you're thinking about them.
17. Balance your budget. Well, when are you going to do it otherwise?
18. Get out the Ouija board!
19. Listen to an audio book: a method I discovered for being lazy AND literary.
20. Sell stuff on Ebay. Make some money to put toward a one-way ticket to a tropical island.
::What are your secrets for surviving winter weather??


amandalee said...

Great list, especially for those of us stuck in the occasionally-snowbound midwest, where a mere dusting has everyone rushing to the store for emergency supplies and driving at a cautious fifteen miles an hour on the highway. :-p

I love saying in on those days. Now I've got more things to add to my list! :-D

Ashley Olivia Bobcat said...

You forgot to add: eating all of the nonperishable food supplies you collected.
I quickly discovered while I was at the grocery store that "nonperishable" translates into preservative-laden trash that I normally don't allow myself to even look at, much less eat. Although all of this food is awful for you and can be quite damaging to my desire to buy fashionista clothing that actually fits, I'm not going to lie: it's delicious. Hooray for a guilt-free smorgasbord of pop-tarts, chips, goldfish, crackers with fake cheese, sugary cereal, and more pop-tarts (the frosted kind, of course).

Maybe I will write a poem and rakata while overindulging? :) After, of course, learning what rakata means... So far websearches have only resulted in Daddy Yankee's "Gasolina" lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Great list, love it!

I would add, because I'm probably old before my time: bake. Not only will you be able to fuel yourself through the bitter cold but your house will smell nice.

Now I need to go find out what Rakata means....


Maggie said...

Don't forget board games and naps!


Here we almost don't have winter, except for the rain..must be fun to have snow...but not so practical...I guess ;)

pve design said...

We love to bundle up and brace old man winter, get outdoors and embrace the blanket of white and then return indoors to have toast and hot cocoa, make roaring fires, play games, build forts, dance, and make stews. Crawling into blankets indoors is a luxury that come Summer is a distant memory.

{Tara} said...

Amanda -- Oh, yes, people definitely head for the store to stock-up, as if the world is coming to an end. I wish I could say that people drive carefully here, but not the case!

Ashley -- kidding. I resisted stocking up this time [I just had a feeling it wouldn't be that bad]. Though we did have a tube of cookie dough which got eaten quickly!

Kat -- Baking is also a great one. Since you're stuck indoors, you might as well make everything smell warm and cozy.

Maggie -- Those are a go-to as well! It's about the only time I feel justified to nap...

Kira -- I know! When I was in Brazil, I missed the winter a little bit!

PVC -- Wow! You actually make it sound fun! I guess I'm just not a winter person, though I remember thinking it was much more fun as a child...

NoeoN said...

Rakata?? I am in the middle of Spain and no idea about what could it mean! :)
Also, I would suggest, taking a lot of dramatic pictures of yourself as a femme fatalle, increase your coolness and it’s really fun

{Tara} said...

Neon -- oh, it is a term particular to Puerto Rico ;)