Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year: Bonne Année 2010!

This year, in the tradition of the French, I am going to make a wish or two {a voeu} instead of the usual stringent resolutions I have made...and often years past. Doesn't it just seem more romantic and less puritan to send a wish out into the universe, rather than setting yourself up for punishment when you fail? Author Debra Ollivier says:
"...a wish is a mutable thing that can be blown away by the wind. A wish is like a cloud that might drift your way but cannot be forced to do so. It is langurous and fanciful and who knows where it will end up. A resolution, on the other hand, is a firm, concise obligation. It's a contract between you and your conscious that is deep-fried in moral values. A resolution has edges and they will menace you forever if you don't pay attention to them. A resolution, in short, can become one of those deadly virtues if it conspires too radically against the Gods of Pleasure."

This year, despite loads of work and obligations, I wish for the "Gods of Pleasure" to stay front and center in my life...good food, good drink, good books, good love, good adventures, good growth, good living.

** Happy New Year, Mes Amies!!! May pleasure visit you often this year...


Jill said...

Sounds like a great too!

As you can imagine...I've never been much into resolutions.

little augury said...

Enjoy and thanks for reading la~ Gaye

Gracinha said...

i completelly agree with you!!

HAppy 2010 darling :)


Rae said...

I totally agree. I can never go through with my resolutions. I'd much rather wish for the best :)

Happy New Years!

Anonymous said...

i wish lots of pleasure for you, too! hopefully, we will have many more pleasures together this year.
that sounds funny.

hatjunkie said...

How very true. Those french do know how to do things right. Happy New Year.

Shelby Shelberson said...

"Deep-fried in moral values." - Love it! Happy New Year!