Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Giveaway: 2010 Shoes Wall Calendar by Jen Hewitt

I was going to wait until the beginning of December for this giveaway, but I'm just so excited about it {and I'm already feeling the holiday spirit}, so I'm going to announce it now. This contest features an adorable, original silkscreened calendar by printmaker Jen Hewitt, featuring what else! It's definitely a classier alternative to that calendar you received last year with kittens in a red wagon...just sayin'!

Here are the rules:

  1. In the "comments" section of this post, tell me about a holiday tradition you share with family {or friends}. It can be quirky and unique, it can be something particular to your country or home town, or it can just be simple and clever. Whatever it is, I want to know! Also, provide me with your e-mail address, so I can contact you if you win.
  2. The contest ends in one week from today {Monday, Nov. 30} at midnight.
  3. I will pick my favorite comment, and the contest winner will be announced on December 1st.

::If you're curious about Jen Hewitt's prints, check out her Etsy shop here.

*I look forward to reading your comments!

Cheers, Tara



Mrs. M. said...

hey i just stumbled upon your site while browsing the web for pictures of Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven and i'm so glad i did. you really have a cool point of view and amazing taste! i look forward to reading it from now on!
anyway, my family doesn't have too many christmas traditions, however my grandmother who i lived with until she passed a few years ago used to give ueveryone an ornament every year which we of course collected. the year after my grandmother passed my mother in law asked what she could get my uncle for xmas (my fam and the inlaws are very close), and i told her she could get him an ornament so he wouldnt be without one that year. sure enough she did and every year since she always gets him one. i thought it was really cool, because not every inlaw would do something like that. it's the little things though i think that say a lot.

VMT said...

I love giveaways!

My family's tradition has always been assembling the nativity creche.

We have a huge nativity- flock of sheep, choir of angels, village full of townspeople, you name it, we have it. It's made by Fontinini and started out that my great-grandmother would buy us a new piece each Christmas, and has continued to present day.

When my sister and I were young, my mother would wrap each of the pieces and we would unwrap a 'character' each day of the 25 days of Christmas. Now that we have more than 25 pieces, and are adults, we unwrap the 'new addition' each year and add it into the scene.

In fact, the first Christmas I was home as a newlywed, my husband was allowed to unwrap the new addition character and add it to the Nativity scene, as a sort of 'welcome to the family' moment.

Now we have our own Fontinini creche and add to it each year.

Boot ~C said...

One of our many family traditions is 'Thanksgiving Eve chocolate chip cookies" It started when I would get to my sister's house on Wednesday evening. While they went to church I would make chocolate chip cookies(hey I was pre~warming the oven so we could make the cornbread for the dressing!) & they would be ready/warm from the oven when they got home. 15 years later the traadition is going strong, it isn't unusual for me to make 2 batches these days.A by~product of thanksgiving eve cookies? Chocolate cookies for breakfast the next day! Happy Holiday Season

~A said...

First of all I love your site!

My mother has always been a stickler for tradition and a sucker for Christmas, so I have many traditions to choose from..

I think my favourite was reading to my younger siblings on Christmas morning.

I'm the oldest and every Christmas Eve I would gather up a selection of Christmas books and take them up to my bed so that when my younger brother and sister woke up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning I could entertain them until the sun came up and it was acceptable to rouse our parents. We'd all squeeze onto my bed and I'd read aloud. Of course, we're all grown now but I like that we fell into this 'tradition' as children without being told was sibling bonding at its best.

tea.light said...

In Russia, Christmas is on January 7th and it's still a religious holiday, unlike in the States. Instead, New Year's Eve is the big party holiday and also the time to exchange gifts. When I was little, it was my favorite night of the year because my family would hide presents all over the apartment and I would hide somewhere, and we'd play a game of mutual hide and seek. After they found me, I'd hunt for the presents.

New Year's Eve can also be a big family holiday, so friends and family would gather at our place for the night. We'd bring out the long table, put out a spread of food and drink and sit around well into the night talking and laughing and celebrating. It gave me the brightest, warmest feeling I've ever felt.

Maggie said...

One of the quirkier traditions in my family is the Christmas Bat. When my brother was little he made a construction paper bat to hang on the Christmas tree. He wrote a little story on it about Santa's reindeer being out of comission so Santa asked some Halloween bats to pull his sleigh instead. When my son was three he made his own little construction paper bat in preschool. I turned it into an ornament and now it is our very own Christmas Bat.


I love the holiday season, however all changed since I was a kid. Then, I used to trip every year to the beach with all my parents and sisters. I always had a lot of stories to tell after the holidays. We used to make new friends and also have fun doing some sightseeing around the spots we used to go. I remember one time when I was at the beach with some new friends, which I just did, and my sisters. We walked for hours at the coast until the following beach. When we returned, all our parents were crazy about where we were and everybody were at the coast close to our beach home waiting for us. It was a fun adventure, however a little bit dangerous and not fun at all to my parents! These things only happen at the holiday season!!!!

I hope I win! Thanks so much for this great giveaway!

amberbromer said...
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christin said...

We have an annual bonfire at my in-laws house. We roast marshmallows for s'mores and sip cider or cocoa:) Thanks!
christinbanda at yahoo dot com

amberbromer said...

I married my husband two and a half years ago.
His family is 100% German. They do something every year that I had never heard of before; "Hide the Pickle." When I first hear the phrase of course my twisted little mind went straight to the innuendoes, but it is merely a game where they hide a pickle-shaped ornament somewhere on the Christmas tree. It's a new tradition I am happy to take part in :)
A simple but cute one.