Monday, November 16, 2009

Design Finds: Vintage Tally Cards

If you love vintage collectibles, but lack space and endless funds of money {like moi}, collecting paper ephemera can be an excellent option -- it's often reasonably priced and perfectly suited for framing and hanging. Over the years, I have collected vintage paint-by-numbers, postcards, and advertisements, to name a few.

I recently discovered the beauty of vintage tally cards -- these were popularly used for keeping score during Bridge parties and other social card games. Some of the designs are strikingly beautiful, particularly the ones from the early 20th century. I'm just imagining the interesting ways these could be put to decorating use: gift tags, Christmas tree ornaments, hung as wall displays, or simply framed...they would also be great for invitations, place cards, and party favors.

Etsy sellers Carmen and Ginger have an amazing selection; the art deco designs are particularly lust-worthy!


Jill said...

Very cool...I love the place card idea.

Sam said...

Ooooh! So niiiice! Thank you Tara! I'm off to check out that shop!!!


It is so beautiful!!!

{Tara} said...

Jill -- I loved them so much that I bought them ;)

Sam -- There are so many lovely things in the shop!

Kira -- Thanks so much!