Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Calling Cards.

Do you use calling cards to promote your blog...or yourself? I have this nagging feeling that I should get calling cards, but I'm not even sure where to begin. Of course, the first place that came to mind was Etsy, and I do love this very simple, bold version by Modern Motive {I would get red type}. If you use cards, who do you give them to? When? Why? Wow, I'm just full of questions today, but self-promotion is rather new to me.

Any advice, my clever readers?

::By the way, I have a fantastic guest post from Heidi at Loose Leaf Tigers lined up for tomorrow...stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes our minds are frightenly alike, darling! In my latest post I actually put mini business cards (from Moo, here: on my wish list for christmas. Mostly for my band, but I'm thinking of having some made for my blog as well. I don't "promote" my blog that much, but at £11.99 for a hundred I think I'm allowed - those tiny cards are too adorable! And I like how you can have many different versions in the same pack of 100, which means I can go a little crazy with Pixelmator and make several different designs ;)

How are you, by the way? I hope you're well and everything - and thoroghly appreciating that you don't live as far north as I do, since it's now completely dark for most parts of the day, with only a few hours of bleak daylight. I think I'll have to move soon!

bonjouritsjinah said...

I've been wondering the same thing about calling cards/business cards!

And when/where are you supposed to hand them out? I think I would have been fired from my last job if I tried to hand them out there...

sarah j. said...

I just did my business cards through these guys...the company is so professional and cute to boot! My cards are on high quality paper, are a fun size and I get great compliments on them all the time. You can upload your own pictures or choose designs already on the site. Good luck!
The Naked Redhead

Shelby Shelberson said...

I have to say that for most parts of the country I've lived in, I just haven't run across people using calling cards. However, when I lived in Boston, I ran across this quite often.
Whether it was one of my friends in art school practicing design or one of the old retired ladies who'd come into my shop, I always got a kick out of receiving the cards and even have some of my favorites to this day. One friend just had his name on the card with the word "genius" spelled wrong underneath.

I think it would be an excellent way of promoting your blog! We rarely use calling cards or even business cards anymore because we're able to exchange phone numbers so easily. But who wants to write down'tbelieveshegotmetowriteallofthisdown?imnevergoing=tothissite??
Even my friends who have "easy to remember" websites rarely get a visit from me. I just have to think if I had a tangible reminder of their site I might visit more often. Simply put, we just don't see enough calling cards anymore and if anyone is going to bring it back into fashion, it's you.

Brigid said...

I use business cards to promote my Etsy shop. I mostly give them out at shows and to friends and family, but once in a while I'll leave a stack at a coffee place. Those calling cards you posted are adorable!

Jill said...

My blog is my guilty pleasure...I cringe every time it gets brought up. I have no idea why! It brings me great pleasure. My husband tells everyone about it...he's my calling card!

{Tara} said...

Lost -- Oh, Airam...honestly, I'm not sure I could put up with the dark and the cold there. You are a tough girl!!

Jinah -- I know...I think it will be awkward handing them out at first!

Sarah -- These cards are adorable! So many decisions to make!

Shelby -- such a good point -- I think everyone should do calling cards. It's so much more sophisticated, anyway ;)

Brigid -- Oh! The coffee shop idea is excellent!

Jil --It's so nice that your hubby promotes you ;) I can't imagine why you would get embarrassed -- your blog is so interesting and beautiful!

A Life More Fabulous said...

I just received the polka dot business cards I ordered. Black with white writing on one side, black with white polka dots on the other. I use it to hand out when I take photographs of places for my blog (I'm in the middle of making a little local design directory), interviews etc.
These are really lovely too. I have to say, I may just stick with pink, it's so pretty.