Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

{Image via Art Deco}

It's almost time! What are your plans for Halloween? Mine include:
  • A Thriller dance class with my girlfriends on Saturday. I'm really terrible at following choreography, so this should be hilarious.
  • Cocktails at my place -- I finally set up a small bar area in my apartment, and I'm excited to put it to use. Maybe we'll play a little Ouija board as well?
  • Dressing up as a Dia de los Muertos bride/zombie/skeleton {something like this}.
  • Party-hopping and looking for's Halloween, you're supposed to be mischievous, right?
  • Scrounging up some Halloween candy, preferably mini Almond Joy, mini Butterfinger, and mini Snickers {because mini candy is more fun than regular sized candy somehow...}.

And remember:

"Softly cross your fingers at the Witching hour.

Over fates and fortunes, the moon will give you power!"


Brigid said...

Sounds fun! The class sounds like an absolute blast. My taller half and I will go dressed as our Twin Peaks alter egos tonight to a movie thing at Gardner's. Tomorrow we have my sister's party in the afternoon (yep, a Halloween baby), and then we're going to sit at home watching movies, in costume, and waiting on the no trick-or-treaters who will come. We will gladly eat all the candy in their absence.

Courtney said...

Sounds possibly like more fun than my plans for the day. lol Sew, sew, sew the baby's costume. It would have been done last night, but the bobbin gear in my sewing machine shattered to pieces. Her costume is the only one left to sew out of 4. Then help carve pumpkins, then do Dia de Los Meurtos face painting and dressing. Dress babies. T-o-T, raid candy bags!! Yay!

Sam said...

That sounds very good all of it!! Hope you take some photos of your costume! I'd very much like to see that! I adore the image you have here too - art deco beauty that she is - have a lovely weekend Tara! XX

{Tara} said...

Brigid -- I bought lots of candy, too...with full knowledge that no one would eat it but me!

Courtney -- Wow! Sounds like lots of work, but also lots of fun! How great that you make costumes for the little mom used to just buy the cheap plastic costumes from the grocery store, LOL.

Sam -- I will def. take photos! I just hope it turns out well!

haircutting in high heels said...

Loving the Dia De Los Muertos make up! The cocktail hour thing is fun. Just getting back to you about the Dia De Los Muertos tradition in my family.
thank you for asking a sweet rest of the day to you!