Monday, October 12, 2009

For the Love of Tights

::Today's post is from gorgeous guest-blogger Sarah Von of the funny, clever, and inspirational blog, "Yes and Yes."
It's officially Fall! And you know that one of my favorite parts of Autumn is tights-wearing. I love them so much I don't even care that I can never get the pattern to line up right or that they're always mashing into my soft bits and giving me muffin top! That's a lot of love, people. And there are heaps of ways to mix up the tights-wearing, right? A few bits of inspiration for you - links embedded in the photos.

Did you know that embellished tight are A Thing
now? I didn't - but aren't they lovely? If you're
keen to make a pair of your own, here's a great tutorial.

Garters plus white stockings?!
This is somehow simultaneously cute and
super sexy. Yum!

Okay, not actually tights. Whatev - so adorable
I don't care. I bet you could make these yourself
with iron-on transfers. Or even a Sharpie!

Clever clever! Nude opaque tights under
colored fishnets! Yes and yes.

Again with the cute and sexy.

Can you see those intriguing colored stripes
runing through this stylish lady's tights? Could you
do this yourself with ribbed tights and a marker?
Immagonna try.

Jean shorts + polka dotted tights +
Docs = cute. And something I probably wore in
seventh grade. Totally jealous you weren't in
junior high in 1993, aren't you?

Colored tights with black and white?

Are you breaking out the tights yet?
Any ideas for wearing them in a new way?


Ashe Mischief said...

This post is definitely increasing my need/wish I had more skirts & dresses for tights wearing this season!

Stef said...

oh HELL YES. The weather here in NorCal is finally tights weather as of this week, and I intend to kick off the season tomorrow with a comparatively tame electric blue tights with plain grey jersey dress. But the season is still young. ^__^

Let us know how the marker experiments come out. As an alternate suggestion, years ago I traveled with a band that made their own silkscreened merch, including a pair of silkscreened tights. They were brilliant.

Brigid said...

I love that first pair!

Sam said...

*sigh* I think I wore tights for the last time this year today - and it was touch and go - really I shouldn't have been wearing them at all because it was so warm...Enjoy your tight wearing season - I'm very envious you know! Great piccies - I love them all! (gulp sob!)

ana b. said...

I wore tights all throughout winter and fall here. They're a staple. I recently tried on tights like the white floral ones in the first pic but they really were not flattering. You have to have the skinniest legs to pull those off. Which I do not.

Anonymous said...

I just tried the trend for the first time this month. I love it!

Poke Salad Annie said...

weeeeee! i can hardly wait to bust out the tights again!

Renai said...

I'm a big leggings wearer, but this morning was the first I wore just tights- with black flat boots and a pencil skirt. I think I've made up my mind not to wear pants at all this winter, so this post is perfectly timed!

Anonymous said...

I now desperately want a floral pair. Eventhough I have nothing to go with them :(

MP said...

Love the idea of a black/white outfit with colored tights. Brilliant!

Broke out the tights today in fact and the little lady called them my 'Special Socks.' Cute!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I love tights under shorts. I wear black tights with black flats under magenta shorts and it looks awesome!

{Tara} said...

Ashe -- The good thing about tights is that they are an inexpensive update!

Stef -- silkscreened tights!! Incredible idea -- so many options there!

Brigid -- I cute, right?

Sam -- It is always sad when the tights and scarves have to be put away :(

{Tara} said...

Ana -- I agree with you on the busy floral print -- so cute in theory, but on a thirty-something girl with thighs and a booty...bad idea, HA!

Besswess -- You'll become addicted ;)

Annie -- Isn't it already cold there in good 'ole Canada?

Renai -- I'm definitely also feeling this will be a tights/skirt winter. There are so many good, warm, thick tights out there!

{Tara} said...

Hammy -- It seems like they would go with most solids...or just go crazy and pair them with stripes!

MP -- I agree; I really want to try the black and white with some bright purple or pink tights!

Moremagic -- I wish I could pull that off, because it is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

It's still tights weather here in Melbourne, Australia.. yesterday I wore neon-yellow tights with neon-yellow shoes. It was awesome!

{Tara} said...

Elizabeth -- Wow!! I want pics!

Anonymous said...

hehe Tara.. I don't have any pics of the tights/shoes combo, but here're the shoes (!

Today I'm rocking dark red tights and patent orange wedges. I love my bright footwear, as you can see! (

{Tara} said...

Elizabeth -- Wow, I need to expand my footwear repertoire beyond the basic black and brown!