Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Current Obsession: Velvet

The last item of velvet clothing that I donned in public was probably the red velvet Christmas dress I wore in the 2nd grade. Velvet seems like the perfect Victorian-Goes-Goth fabric, and knowing my penchant for such things, I'm not sure why I've shied away from it all these years. I believe I need to make some amends! Topshop has a crazy-amazing selection of velvet goodies right now. Just in time for a Christmas party, naturally!

::Velvet corsage grab bag / Velvet and lace tunic / Velvet boyfriend blazer /Russian Velvet jacket.


Poke Salad Annie said...

ooooh, velvet is so yummy n rich, isn't it? i used to wear a lot of velvet in highschool (which was donkeys' years ago), but these days it's been relegated to accesories for the most part. i adore velvet bows and brooches in particular.

Sam said...

Velvet is incredibly opulent - that second to last blue coat is ravishing! P.S. Interesting how you call marking grading! I'd never been aware of that before!

Jill said...

Where's the vodka?!

{Tara} said...

Annie -- I am the same, but for some reason lately, I've been wanting to wear velvet head-to-toe! It just seems like such an elegant, winter-friendly fabric!

Sam -- "Opulent" is the perfect word...myabe I am just having the urge to be opulent, HA!

Jill -- LOL! I got the fur hat, so now I definitely need the vodka!