Thursday, September 17, 2009

For the Love of Tea.

{Anna Karina seductively sips her tea...}

Since discovering my new favorite tea {African Honey Bush} at the gorgeous Dragon Moon Tea Co. here in Tulsa, my interest in teas of all kinds has been awakened. I've always been aware that tea was good for you, but I didn't fully realize its endless healing and antioxidant properties until recently. I have been trying to incorporate tea into my daily regime and researching the healthiest options...

While exploring the web for new teas to try out, I came across Kusmi Tea Shop -- a beautiful French tea shop that sells the famous Detox tea that French women apparently swear by. This tea allegedly has diuretic and antioxidant properties that help you stay slim and feel energetic {without the side-effects of caffeine}. It sounds delicious, too: green tea, blended with Mate and lemon.

I figure, anything that might help me look like an effortlessly-slim-and-sexy Parisian is a worth a try!

What are your favorite teas?? Any recommendations?


Ashe Mischief said...

I loove tea. Some friends of mine are particular about whether the tea is naturally flavored in its leaf form, and will only drink as such. Me? I can't give up a cup of Earl Grey...

Favorites include:
Earl Grey
White tea with Raspberry
Green tea with Rose
Green tea with Pomegranate
Green tea with Jasmine & Blackberry...

Mighty Leaf also makes a beautiful black tea with orange, vanilla, and jasmine (I think)--it's so smooth, I absolutely love it.

mmm, I may need a second cup this morning... ;)

odessa said...

try anything at:

love the tung ting oolong "blue" tea
and the "superfruit" one, with hibiscus and all sorts of dried berries in it!

Arsene said...

I found this while living in Van BC:

{Tara} said...

Ashe -- I also adore Earl Grey. It's just a classic. The orange/vanilla/jasmine sounds spectacular!

Odessa -- Oooohhh...thanks for the link. I'm going to peruse!

Arsene -- Thanks so much!! I have a feeling I will be getting a big tea delivery soon ;)

Hebe said...

turkish pomegranate tea is delicous as is hibiscus and cinamon tea

Brigid said...

My standby favorite is always green tea with mint. I drink the Choice Organic stuff. It's delicious! I had an amazing "Christmas blend" early in the year at Dragon Moon that was white tea with almond. Yum! CHOCS has tasty strawberry and white peony teas (two separate flavors).

ambika said...

I've drank tea since I was 12 and only recently warmed up to coffee. I mostly stick with the big brands but occasionally boil up some loose Jasmine tea I got from Uwajimaya--if only for the fragrance!

bonjouritsjinah said...

We used to sell Kusmi at work and everyone says that they're very delish! We sold out before I got to try any.

Chelsea said...

I heart tea! I think Jasmine is my favorite!!

{Tara} said...

Hebe -- Yumm...cinnamon sounds wonderful for colde weather.

Brigid -- I'm intrigued by peony tea...I wonder if it tastes as good as peonies smell!?

Ambika -- That's funny, I'm the opposite. I've drank coffee forever, but only recently started loving tea.

Bonjour -- Wow! Now I really must try some!

Chelsea -- I love having Jasmine tea after a big, yummy meal of Chinese food!