Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer's Coming to an End...

Soon, there will be no more...
  • Barbecues

  • Swimming pools

  • Sandals and summer dresses

  • Bike rides

  • Patio parties

  • Driving with the windows down

  • Tan lines

  • River/lake trips

  • Outdoor concerts

  • Picnics in the park

The passing of seasons effects me in a strange way -- I'm sad to see summer go, but Autumn always fills me with expectancy. I feel conflicted! For those of us here in the U.S., summer is technically over after the Labor Day holiday {this coming weekend}. I'm so thrilled my sister is coming in from New York to visit this week -- we will spend the last few days of summer together, indulging in some lake-time, lounging on a boat with friends, and getting our last bit of sun-soaking before the days get shorter and cooler.

**What do you plan on doing before the season ends, my friends? Make the very best of it this week!!


josephus said...

With the exception of tan lines, swimming pools, summer clothes and river and lake trips I find that autumn is a better time for all of the above activities, esp. in OK where the summer is too hot to do anything outside that is not in or at least very close by the water. Autumn is esp. nice for bike rides because you can bike for miles without breaking a sweat. I for one am really looking forward to doing all sorts of outdoor activities in the coming months. And fall fashion is my personal favorite of the year--winter is too bulky, spring is too pastel and in summer you can't wear anything but the bare minimum. The coming cool weather means I will now be wearing jackets and thus will have pockets to put stuff in again.

But I do plan to make the most of this weekend with a balcony bbq, river tubing trip and some hiking on part of the Appalachian trail in the Shenandoah State Park.

Sam said...

I'm so with you on the changing of the seasons! We are moving rapidly into Spring and it is glorious but I can't help feeling a little wistful for Winter!! *sigh*!

Urban Weeds said...

Hi Tara!

So glad you are enjoying Urban Weeds! Love this photo...but I must agree with you, autumn has a little something special!