Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!

If you live in the States, you are probably preparing for a long, hot Saturday filled with grilled meat [or veggie burgers] and lots of fireworks! Corny as it might sound, right now I am just feeling very grateful for my home and the opportunities and liberties I've been given.

I kinda-sorta really like you, America. And here are a few reasons why:

♥ Levis, Coca-Cola, and cowboy boots.

♥ Diners and greasy-spoons.

♥ Route 66 [I'm lucky enough to live right on the longest remaining strip of Route 66 in the U.S!].

♥ The plethora of swimming pools.

♥ Grilling outside with family and friends.

♥ The abundance of hilarious political humor.

♥ Elvis, Michael Jackson, and Patsy Cline.

♥Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and french fries.

♥ Wide, open spaces.

♥ Fiery pink sunsets.

♥ Cicada songs.

♥ Buffalo and Prairie Dogs.

♥ And lastly [probably because I am feeling very heart-sore for Iran right now], I feel really appreciative of the freedom we share to say whatever the heck we darn well please and change things when we are truly fed up!

Happy 4th of July, and I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!!



It feels like a great party!!! I wish I could be there ;)

Poke Salad Annie said...

happy independence day! we had ours this past wednesday :)

Poke Salad Annie said...

thanks for the well wishes for Rudy [dog] :) not to worry, just a routine spay (which is a pretty nasty operation for female dogs).
you guessed it: half pug, half jack russell, which makes it ever so difficult to enforce the 'no running, jumping or playing' rule for 7 days! have you ever seen a jack russell sit still? me niether :)
hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes America sound so very, very different from Norway. Probably is, too, but I'd really like to go there myself sometime and make an opinion of my own. Did you have a good 4th of July? Do you have any fun traditions for the day?

Sam said...

Viva America! What an amazing, huge, fascinating country it is! One of my faves!

[Tara] said...

Kira -- Thanks dear! We'd love to have you;)

Annie -- Awww...I have a pug. Pug mixes are so adorable. Glad to hear she is OK!

Airam -- I think it is indeed VERY different. I would love to visit Norway and see for myself ;)

Sam -- Thanks so much Sam!

Mary-Laure said...

What I love about the USA - our freedom - Neutrogena - Vogue - jazz jazz jazz - Faulkner - fro yo - old cars - and so much more.