Monday, June 1, 2009

Things You Never Knew You Needed Until Now...

I try and pretend that I'm not a romantic, but my attempts fail miserably when I see something so charmingly sweet: the original custom couple's portraits by Tuesday Mourning are just too cute for words.

I dream of one day owning one of Liza Rietz's stunning flapper-inspired creations.

I love this pillow by Miss Mosh! Gray cotton knit makes the girly ruffles seem modern and minimalist.

I truly can't think of a sexier summer shoe than these rough-hewn gladiator sandals from Zuzsi!
The intricate, mysterious ink silhouettes by House of Trouble evoke a mythology all their own.

Carolina Cottage creates handy decoupage trays with the vintage map of your choice. What a great gift for a globe-trekker!
A little bit tough and little bit ladylike, this leather bow bracelet by Three Horses is the perfect accessory for a pretty floral dress or a T-shirt and jeans.

I'm completely obsessed with the slightly morbid, yet very unique conception behind the "scar ring" by French Jewelry designers, Jia Style.

I'm always looking for new ways to display my bling, and this frame by the Moxie Sisters seems like such a pretty, versatile option!

I know these adorable dress-up doll wall decals from Mae are supposed to be for kids, but I'm pretty sure I could have hours of fun with them all by my grown-up self!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that scar ring is wonderfully horrible! I love pretty things with dark undertones. And surely one can never grow too old for paper dolls? I certainly hope not!

Michelle said...

Cute sandals!

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

you have a keen eye. i truly never knew half of these things even existed. amazing stuff.

Brigid said...

That dress and ring are way too awesome.

Sam said...

So lovely! I can't decide which I like best! Maybe the sandals!

Jessica Turnbow said...

Your blog is officially one of my favorites!