Monday, June 15, 2009

New Vintage Postcards, Bloomsday...and an Award!

Please pardon the randomness of this post, but I just have so much to say today! First of all, Happy Bloomsday!! If you're a lover of modern literature or just love James Joyce, then you should be celebrating today by reading the naughty parts of Ulysses with friends and perhaps taking a few sips from your flask in his honor [look how cute Marilyn is reading Joyce on the playground!]. Dammit! I don't have a flask. That will need to be remedied. Until then...

Speaking of naughty, I have purchased some new vintage postcards I wanted to share. I am completely enamored by these images of women smoking, and for no other reason than they seem naughty...

This beautiful 1920's Parisian lady is from Dog Day Afternoon:

And this one from Fike's Funtiques Too...I love the way the smoke from the cigarette is actually forming the image of the woman:

I also recently recived these two splendid prints from the very talented Sam from Matou en Peluche, who creates such elegant, quirky girls!

Sam also recently awarded me with the "Your Blog Makes Me Smile" award. I am so honored!! You should definitely check out her store and her gorgeous, inspirational blog.

And, drum roll please, here are my 10 picks for blogs that make me smile:

1. Progress on the Prairie -- a local blog, a great friend, and witty, clever, political commentary !

2. Child of the Moon -- the most amazing collection of vintage fashion and music photos.

3. Chintz of Darkness -- quite possibly the most dramatic design aesthetic ever!

4. Oh, Mishka! -- always inspirational art and decor ideas.

5. Poetic Oneirism -- thoughful, exquisite poetry, art, and music.

6. They Don't Call Them Lovers in High School, Leland -- hypnotic and surrealistic juxtaposition of photographs.

7. Pandora -- a modern-day style icon and art lover extraordinaire!

8. Lost in a Spotless Mind -- her posts are always thoughtful and full of excellent fashion advice.

9. Sea of Shoes -- how can her shoe collection not make you smile??

10. The Cherry Blossom Girl -- sweet, wearable, romantic clothes and mesmerizing photography.


Poke Salad Annie said...

happy bloomsday! i'll be sure to languidly smoke a cigarette as i read out the naughty parts :D
congrats on the award! well deserved. you've certainly induced more than a few smiles from me :)

Poesis said...

Thank you Tara! <3 I wrote something a bit cheesy (but very sincere!) in reply to the comment you left on my blog. :-)
I love your lamp base (where you rest the postcards on)! And of course the postcards too - makes me want to get something from Matou en Peluche...

Sam said...

Ooh! I just popped in to say "Hi" and came face to face with my drawings! Gosh! Thank you Tara - you are sweet! I love your pretty postcards - especially the smokey girl who's rising from the cigarette - so lovely and fobidden!

Anonymous said...

awe, thanks tara. you know we love you bunches and bunches and bunches!