Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monday Mischief: In Every Father's House a Treasure

I spent the day with my wonderful family yesterday for Father's Day, and after lunch my dad invited me and my boyfriend over to "go shopping" in the house [like he often does]. Perusing his tables and shelves full of vintage toys, dishes, books, games, and records, I was reminded that my fondness for kitschy, vintage trinkets and beautiful antique baubles undoubtedly comes from my father. I also realized: a.] I get my shopping addiction from my father. b.] I get my taste for all things strange and unusual from my father -- an eccentricity that seems charming, in his case!

Just thought I would share a few snapshots of some of his current treasures [they are on an ever-rotating cycle]:

My dad and my boyfriend playing vintage games:

My dad made my boyfriend's day with these hockey and basketball games from the 70's:

Some goodies I took home: Pink glasses, little vintage floral trays, and a ceramic bud vase...

And some crazy new necklaces, including a giant owl charm [which I gave to my friend Kate] and some Bakelite charms...oh, and me being a goofball, as per the usual.

All-in-all, a very fun day! And, yes, don't worry -- my dad got a present, too!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-sounds like you had a wonderful day and your dad has some gorgeous treasures too!

Anonymous said...

Hi darling! How are you?
Sorry for not having commented in a while, things were crazy with exams for a while and afterwards I've been spending most of the time trying to feel like a human being again. Thank you so much for the award (it's actually my first!), I feel really honoured :)


OptART said...

Looks like they picked up a lot of new stuff since the last time I was in town! Ash and I picked out that owl necklace at that guy's victorian museum/house! Miss you guys!

Michelle said...

Your dad sounds so cool!


So amazing!
He has a great taste for things and vintage :) He must be a so cool man!
Congratulations and I adore your shots :)

Thanks so much for your friendship,

see you,

Susie Bubble said...

I'm well...thanks for the last shots of you and your owl lovin'

Mary-Laure said...

I've been wanting to buy an old typewriter for a while...

Love your smile on those pics, it looks like you're about to burst out laughing. Such joy.

Krista said...

You are so dang cute!
Your dad's all kinds of awesome with the whole shopping idea. That's a swell thing that I just might try with some friends or family.

Courtney said...

Our friend Sara has that same owl necklace!!! AWESOME!! I love these shots--I feel like such a voyeur. The typewriter is gorgeous!

psrock said...

Flamingos and peacocks, oh my!

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

"Go shopping" in his house full of vintage treasures? - Glee!!!

Jessica Turnbow said...

cute post! ;)

[Tara] said...

Sharon -- Thank you dear; yes, his house is pretty amazing!

Airam -- Oh, believe me...I understand about school and exams! So nice to hear from you!

Optart -- Miss you, too! They have a problem...a major shopping problem. At least we benefit from it ;)

Michelle -- Thanks so much Michelle; he is a funny, interesting, fascinating man!

Kira -- You are so sweet Kira...he is rather amazing.

Susie -- Thanks for stopping by; glad to hear you are well...yes, the owl and I were having some fun ;)

Mary-Laure -- My boyfriend was making me laugh! Old typewriters are so beautiful -- you can find many on ebay!

Krista -- Thank you! I think allowing us to shop in his house helps him justify buying all these wacky things! We like it!

Courtney -- Are you still a voyeur is someone invites you to look?? The two owls will have to get together sometime...

PSrock -- I know! I love birds. I already have some of those peacocks, otherwise I would have grabbed those as well.

Sexy Ped -- It is fun, but the only bad thing is my complete lack of space in my little apartment :(

Jessica -- Thank you so much dear!