Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Art for Poor Collectors

I recently discovered two new resources for inexpensive, original art prints. Little Paper Planes is an amazing online community of artists, and they offer prints by featured artists starting around $30. Check out their shop or their blog to stay updated on their stock. POVeditions is a curated limited editions project from POVevolving and they also feature art prints by up-and-coming artists starting in the $20 price range.

Now, I just need more wall space...

Artist: Alexis Mackenzie. POVeditions. I love her mix of Victorian women with natural/botanical motifs.

Artist: Justin Richel. Little Paper Planes. I adore his sweet food prints -- how lovely would these look in a kitchen or dining area?

Artist: Iris Schwarz. Little Paper Planes. Her simple, yet striking renditions of women seem to have a bit of a dark side.

Artist: Sarah McNeil. Little Paper Planes. Sarah's soft, lovely, dreamy prints are both sweet and strange.


Paradis said...

Thank you Tara!

~M~ said...

I've recently discovered Alexis Mackenzie's work too. They are so so lovely.