Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monday Mischief: 10 Reasons to Love...the Romper?

I'm going to be honest, I have been resisting this trend since last summer. Truly, I thought I was immune to romper madness. I kept telling myself things like, "I'm too old," "Not waif-ish enough," etc. But, I have been won-over! I found a couple of cute rompers to sell in my Etsy shop, and before I knew it, I was sporting one out to a party. They are actually flattering, comfortable, and cute...shocking revelation! So, here are my top 10 reasons to love the romper:

[I am wearing my amazing new/vintage boots from Cherry Pick them to pieces!!]

1. You can find one at practically any thrift shop.

2. They are super-duper-comfortable.

3. You don't have to sit like a lady if you don't want to.

4. They make you feel like a kid again.

5. They won't blow up over your head when it is windy.

6. They look equally good with boots, sandals, flats, heels, etc.

7. They make an excellent swimsuit cover-up.

8. You can do a somersault without fear of immodesty.

9. They are flattering and forgiving.

10. They are really hot right now!!!

[1 Reason NOT to like the romper: it makes going to the bathroom a tad more complicated...]


Brigid said...

You look adorable in your romper. I've never worn one. I really need to hit up Goodwill soon for spring clothes.

I'd like to come see the boots sometime soon. When would be good for you?

Maggie said...

Love those boots!

Milla said...

resistance is futile and you are very cool!

Kira Fashion said...

all is so classy! I just love everything :)



Anonymous said...

Love the dress! It is so sweet :)