Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Mischief: Ruminations on Selling Vintage...and a Spring Snow Storm

Good afternoon dears!! What a slow start I've had this morning...that is the nature of Mondays, I suppose. We had insane weather here this weekend -- a mini blizzard and "thunder snow." WTF? And today it is 65 degrees. It is all so confusing, and my biological clock is completely out of whack! I hope all of our lovely redbud trees will keep their bloom! Needless to say, I had plenty of time this weekend to think about a new venture I've been considering: selling vintage clothing and accessories online. Many moons ago I sold on Ebay, but the general environment there was sort of nasty and the fees started getting higher and higher...I gave it up once I started back to grad school full time. While I was studying for exams, I just didn't have time to get any kind of time-consuming venture off the ground, but now things have slowed a bit [and I really need some extra money], so it seems like as good a time as any to give it another go! My sis in Brooklyn passed on the word about Market Publique, a new online vintage marketplace. They are just starting out, but they already seem to have some interesting sellers with a good eye. She encouraged me to try selling on there, but I'm a little worried about the traffic to that site being low since it is so new. But, then again, it could be a good idea to get in while it is just starting out...what do you think? Has anyone had any experience shopping or selling with them?? Of course my other option is Etsy. But, I've also heard that because of their lack of promotion on the vintage front, that it can be hard to get a good customer base or get noticed. Again, I would love to know what my reader's experiences have been with vintage on Etsy?? Would you recommend it? Do you shop for vintage on there?
Well, thanks so much for listening and for any input you might have on this!!
Here are some of the covetable items on Market Publique right now [you should definitely check it out!!]:


eithlinn said...

I first saw market publique on verhext's blog.she seems to like it, keeps adding new stuff.

caroline duke said...

whoa, that jacket rocks my world.

our snow didn't stick much in okc... i was so disappointed.

Krista said...

h, I'm constantly looking for reasonably priced vintage via Etsy!
If you plan on selling there, be sure to let me know! :)

ambika said...

I think with Etsy or any site, you have to be prepared to do the promoting yourself. I've known people who've gone with big cartel or 1000 markets or Dawanda and regardless, the consistent thing I hear is how half of the job is just driving people to the site.

I do shop for vintage online but I'm as wary as I am with new clothes--if I can't get measurements or details on fabric content, I'm not buying. The things I have bought I've been very happy with, though!