Thursday, March 26, 2009

Diamond Dogs: Rock Gods of 70's Glam

My boyfriend and I watched 70's glam rock concert videos on YouTube for an inordinate amount of time last night, and he expressed his firm belief that the best fashion and music EVER emerged in or around 1972. While I'm not sure I agree completely [it would be a 3-way tie between the 1920's, 1970's and the 1980's for me...], I do have to admit that two of the sexiest men to have shared their vocal talents and tight pants with the world were products of the early 70's glam phenomenon: Brian Ferry [of Roxy Music] and David Bowie. In any case, I have decided to take a moment to bow down and thank Roxy Music, T Rex, New York Dolls, and Bowie for what they gave us:

♥The aforementioned tight pants.
♥ Shiny lips...well, shiny anything, for both men and women.
♥ High-heel platforms.
♥ Bare chests as a fashion-statement.
♥ Feathers, fur, and sequins for daywear.
♥Animal prints.
♥Expressive makeup [i.e. lighting bolts]
♥Leotards, again for men or women.

Some Glam-tastic inspiration for you...

Roxy Music...Brian Eno, freaky in feathers [left] and Brian Ferry, hot in all-black[center]:

Brian Ferry was still dreamy, even when he toned down the glam and started wearing his signature ties:

And, need I mention Roxy Music had the best album covers??

T Rex, bringing the 80's metal hair before the 80's ever happened:

The New York Dolls took it all the way -- one part machismo, one part drag queen:

And of course, the sexiest man to have ever fell to earth ... [images from the Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Pinups, and Diamond Dogs eras...]

This photo just leaves me speechless, simply put:


Anonymous said...

Love the New York Dolls pic! And the David Bowie ones, too! :)

ana b. said...

Alas - the barechested fashion statement will best be left to the boys. I'm unsure anyone wants to see that particular trend on me. HA!

Courtney said...


michiko said...

Ahhhh David Bowie and Bryan Ferry. Love them. Been a fan of Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry since I was three lol

Paradis said...

Tara, I did a post inspired in David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust!!!