Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekend Reads: Links to the Strange and the Beautiful

Valerie Steele --Fashion historian, genius, and my new idol.

♥ This post by Ashe Mischief lead me to the amazing discovery of the medieval dancing plague [the greatest way to die I can imagine].

♥ Next to the beat-up Joy Division t-shirt I used to wear in high school, this tee from Every Little Counts is probably the coolest ever!

♥A streetstyle blog for HAIR styles!!!! MopShots is a genius idea!

Chicago Chic exhibit runs through July and features amazing dresses from 1861 to 2004.

♥ In honor of Black History Month, Edwardian Promenade looks at the interesting history of the popular early twentieth-century dance, The Cakewalk.

♥ Nick Olsen [formerly known as The Deal Hunter] from my beloved deceased Domino looks as if he is starting his own blog here.

♥ Blogtrepreneur just published a list of 100 Must Read Blogs by Women -- so much good stuff to explore!


ambika said...

Funny, I only recognized 5 or 6 of the sites on that list! It's crazy how segmented/siloed the online world can be.

[Tara] said...

ambika -- I agree; it is odd. I wonder how they decide what blogs are "best" just readership? We fashion bloggers are definitely in out own little world. Many of these blogs were new to me.